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"Red Triple X's Gaia Log Book: Private Investigations!"
Newer Friends to add later on
DMC2007: hi.
leo9955 enters the chat.
DMC2007: I'm doing the insane one of it.
DMC2007: hi.
Reba_mce: me too!
leo9955: Hello
Reba_mce: but not insane
DMC2007: wow!
cutie_911: omg really
DMC2007: Yep. I need to make some gold.
cutie_911: i'm doing weekly
Reba_mce: anyone want to play t or d?
cutie_911: whats T or D
DMC2007: Yeah.
Reba_mce: truth or dare
cutie_911: o nvm
cutie_911: sure
DMC2007: Sure.
Reba_mce: cool player 3 t or d?
cutie_911: whats ur real name dmc 2007
DMC2007: My real name?
cutie_911: yea because dmc is my initals
superchick1122 enters the chat.
DMC2007: DMC is just abbrevate for Danielle Myesha Coleman.
superchick1122: hi
DMC2007: Hi.
cutie_911: omg my name is Danielle Marie Cortez
superchick1122: wat up
DMC2007: WHAT?!
cutie_911: i'm not kidding
DMC2007: OK now that's just plain creepy!
superchick1122 leaves the chat.
cutie_911: iknow
Reba_mce: do u live near eachother?
cutie_911: i live in california
cloudystar enters the chat.
leo9955: I just did a insane that fast
cloudystar: hi
cutie_911: Dmc where do u live
Reba_mce: hi
DMC2007: milwaukee. hold on guys. hi
cutie_911: kk
[.Lilianna.] enters the chat.
[.Lilianna.]: ummm..sorry byebye
cutie_911: bye
Reba_mce: bye
[.Lilianna.]: ummm well ill stay... brb then ^_^
cutie_911: kool
[.Lilianna.]: hi
DMC2007: I gotta go. My parents are giving out a million orders now.
DMC2007: hi lilianna
leo9955: bumme
cutie_911: bye
cutie_911: hi lina

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