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Bored Again
I swear I must be a sociopath, to be bored so much this easily. Missed school Friday, I should study for my test next period but I know all the answers already. School is too simple. I need a challenge.

I could think about other things, but I dont like thinking much. The marking period ends tomorrow, and I have straight As again with no effort. It makes me feel pathetic. Ive been devoting most of my time to Neopets now, and Ive gained over 300k Neopoints in the past two days. Sigh. Could life get any more boring?

I had a strange dream last night. My dreams seem to be the only interesting thing in my life currently. I really hope we get this puppy, it may add a spark to the dull flames inside me.

I miss being constantly on a sugar high. It was so much fun.

Im surrounded by idiots. But I guess Ill have to cope.

There's much ado about nothing, I suppose, and sometimes, the risk is worth the reward.