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Decisions, Annoyance
I have decided, that I'm sick and tired of using appropriation in my art.
Yup, you heard me, I am ******** sick to death of it.

Why? Probably because I have all these powerful tools right at my hands available to CREATE from SCRATCH new content, new imagery, new sounds, etc.. etc.. and yet, the most common request from my instructors in these programs is: "Go out on the internet and find an image to use for your next project!"

******** that. Done with it.

Told this to one of my instructors the other day... they looked at me as if I had gone mad. I am mad. I'm mad at the fact that I'm paying lots of money for school, to learn how to USE tools to CREATE content, and all these people want me to do is model my work after s**t from stylistically over 100 years ago.

With this kind of power and ability to create, why the ******** should I rely on others to create, and merely appropriate? Someone tell me that huh?