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Second Post (Tuesday, March 13, 2007)

It's spring vacation and that's, like, freaking great. I promise.

Actually, I'm 5'1. *cries* It turns out my brother had measured me wrong. Damn that boy.

I claim Kei Amakura off of Fatal Frame III: The Tormented. I don't mind anyone else saying they have someone, as long as I get him. Oh, and Rufus Shinra from Final Fantasy VII (and the Advent Children movie). So...yeah.

My life is crazy. I have no boyfriend (for those who might actually get around to asking), nor am I looking for one (at this current time). I only have about three close friends (who I've met, kinda), but they don't live within three hours of me. I have tons more friends off of FOSFF and AL. So, I suppose I have no real friends VERY close to me (Bish don't count), but I do have a few...maybe.

I'm currently obsessed with the game franchise "Fatal Frame", the movie franchise "The Grudge" (or Ju-On, for those Japanese freaks), and the character Eason from The Grudge 2. ^_^

I'm not sure what else to say. I'm currently being stalked by a lot of people. I wish people would step forward and say "Kali, I'm your stalker" so then I can add them to my list. Cause I really am keeping a list. Are you stalking me? Step right up and tell me, so I can add you to my list~~~ ;D