Mitler Stiles
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My hands longing to touch you
but I can barely breathe
starry eyes that make me melt
right in front of me

~Aah. i love that song.

hmpf. Decided to stay home from school today, yes once again >.>
I know I know, bad me. but at least I got some homework done..I really can't concentrate in school so blah.
I hope my mom want's to go swimming with me tonight. it's been a while and I could use some excersize smilies/icon_xp.gif.

I wonder what and who I'll be when I grow up.
Ya know, what kind of person I'd have become in about 7 years or so. and What I'd be doing for a job/study and if I'd still have the same friends..
where'd I'd live and how my family would be and all.

*Sigh* I wish time would move a liiittle faster.
just to the end of this year.. I'm really longing for the summer and for my next school year to start. it's just..boring and annoying right now.
we're the test monkeys they're trying this new teaching system on and it's really poopy at times.
But I have the feeling things will get better next year, and if I'll just get to work on my own at home a little more.
I should do more myself aswell though, it;s not only the school I should blame..but it's hard.

[i]I get lost in this world
I get lost in your eyes
and when the lights go down
that's where I'll be found[i]

And love. harhar. yesh well love is weird but it seems necessary smilies/icon_xp.gif
how very annoying.
I'm trying to make new friends and all..but it's hard.
Neph and me have known each other for a rough 14 years now and we kind of created our own little world and sometimes it's hard to let go of it.
Yes, how do i love to dwell in my own little fantasy world.
hohwell. I guess wel all have that at times.
Now..this is enough again. just had to clear my head heh.


smilies/icon_heart.gif Fen.