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I screwed up majorily and it ended in a fatal conclusion.... I wrote my ex girlfriend in Iowa because her and i have been talking about dating again for the past 2 years and i accidently left it on the computer and my mom seen it and blabbed it to my girlfriend.... the letter was stating that befor i made any decision on breaking up with my current girlfriend to go out with her again i would have to first make a list of pros and cons to see what would be best..... my.... smilies/icon_crying.gif ex now.... broke up with me and i dont know how i can get her back...... if i can...... smilies/icon_crying.gif I dont know what to do anymore..... i want to die but its not that easy because i have learned in life that you cannot just run from your problems; but rather you have to face them and learn from them..... well; i have a lot on my plate right now... i heard a rumor that she is already talking to her ex again so i have to find out quick.... i dont want to lose her.... she means everything to me; please pray for me....... i need all the support i can get and i will keep you all in touch with my problem.... forgive me. smilies/icon_crying.gif smilies/icon_cry.gif