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Fenderi's wonderful world O: Yeah..sometimes my life is quite fun..and sometimes it isn't. one way or the other, I'm a huge gaia/internet addict so when I'm bored or when i just need to get it out I'll come here..and write down how I feel about certain things that happen to me

Mitler Stiles
Community Member
Yaaay :]
Woo I found a thingi in someone elses journal and now I have to fill it out too x3.

First Best Friend: Neph ^_^
First Crush: Rolf xD
First Real Girlfriend/Boyfriend: Mark surprised
First Date: Hm..with Mark
First Kiss: Mark again xd
First Album/CD: Pfft woudn't know. some kid CD xd
First Piercing/Tattoo: Ears ^^
First True Love: Neph 4laugh
First Enemy: Eh..Anne maybe?
First Time Dying My Hair: Hmm when I was 14 I think.
First Formal Dance: Never went to one.
First Time Breaking A Bone: I never broke one till now ^^
First Time Getting Really Sick: Uh I had this lung disease when I was a kid..it sucked xp

Last Cuss Word Uttered: s**t or c**t probably xp
Last Compliment: Eh someone told me I was pretty
Last/Current boy/girlfriend: Neph.
Last Crush: Neph xd
Last Time Driving: Eh..never? I'm only 16 o:
Last Big Car Ride: Hmm...I have a bad memory neutral
Last Kiss: Hmm.yesterday
Last Good Cry: Quite some month's ago.
Last Movie Seen: They.
Last Phone Call: Neph again =D
Last Thing Written: with hand? a story ninja
Last Show Watched: Eh..dunno.
Last Time Showered: yesterday evening.
Last Shoes Worn: My adidas sneakers with holes in them..but I can't throw them away gonk heart
Last Person That You Saw Naked Besides You: Eh..Neph? xd
Last CD Played: Placebo - Without I'm nothing
Last Item Bought: Hm..dunno.
Last Disappointment: Wesley got sick today =(
Last Annoyance: Uggh..dunno.
Last Song You Heard: Moby - Lift me up.

I AM: Kinda bored.
I WANT: Go out tonight 3nodding
I HAVE: A comfy scarf
I WISH: I had a life xd
I MISS: Nepheh and Wesley
I FEAR: Clowns, the dark, spiders, phones xp
I HEAR: My neighours drilling into the wall ._.
I SEARCH FOR: Ehm. I dunno. something to do i guess.
I WONDER: Why grass is green.
I REGRET: Not having brushed my teeth this morning xd
I LOVE: Alot of people whee
I ACHE: well..my left shoulder blad aches like hell gonk
I ALWAYS: want to hug the people I love xp
I AM NOT: A monkey.
I DANCE: To much biggrin
I SING: alot. and out of tune.
I CRY: alot sometimes.
I WRITE: A story about ninja's and dancing xd
I WIN: poo?
I LOSE: my brain alot.
I CONFUSE: Myself.
I SHOULD: Ehm. nothing really.

;D now that was fun xp

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