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Pear Tree
Silver dust
lifted from the earth,
higher than my arms reach,
you have mounted,
o silver,
higher than my arms reach
you front us weith great mass;

no flower ever opened
so staunch a white leaf,
no flower ever parted silver
from such rare silver;

o white pear,
your flower-tuffs
thick on the branch
bring summer and ripe fruits
in their purple hearts.

Ah heart that is locked by thorns is an unhappy heart. No one should have a heart locked away by things that hurt you. Your heart is put into painful situations that shouldn't be there. A heart that is pure shouldn't go through the pain. A heart that is in love is free from the thorns, I'm in love but my heart is in thorns. I can't break through, only he can.
~Aubri Ross-Vigil~(my very close friend)

Friends are angels who lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly.
~Mom~(a quote sent to me by my mom in an email, most likely a forward)