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Quiz Type Thingy!
These seem to be popular again, so I'll put one right here. I'd like people to answer the questions as themselves, rather than in character. I think it'd be a fun way just to learn more about you guys. So here it goes:

1) Why did you first come to Gaia?
2) What made you stay?
3) What's your favorite color?
4) What's your favorite kind of breakfast?
5) What music do you like?
6) If you have multiple characters on Gaia, who is your favorite and why? (If you don't then what is it about your character that you like the most?)
7) Who do you consider to be a personal idol?
cool If you could create any item for Gaia, what would it be?
9) Do you think your Gaia character reflects who you are in real life at all (or any of your Gaia characters as the case may be)?
10) If you could have your own personal motto (For yourself, not your Gaia character) inscribed on something, what would it say?

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    Community Member

    Fri Jan 26, 2007 @ 04:43am

    1.) My friend, Sara
    2.) See above... and making new friends!
    3.) Blue
    4.) Scrambled eggs and bacon
    5.) Alternative mostly
    6.) Ritanya - Character interactions, and an interesting backstory
    7.) My father and mother
    8.) Ooooh... hmmmm.... I dunno!
    9.) One of my characters do, but not that one!
    10.) Enjoy life!

    Community Member

    Fri Jan 26, 2007 @ 05:00am

    1) My buddy Eric, otherwise known as Jazzy, showed me the site.
    2) I don't know. The awesome people, the cool look of the site..plus I was still curious. :3 And roleplaying here > neopets. xD
    3) Green!
    4) Anything. O_o; xD
    5) Mostly any sort of rock, or anything sort of..related to it, I guess.
    6) Hmm..I'd have to say Tavorian. I use him the most, and it's actually fun for me to get the chance to play a rather serious character, plus he's blind. Rping a blind guy rocks. ;D
    7) Eh..I..honestly don't know, to be honest. So many people have become an idol for me for so many different things, and it'd take up too much space to put them all here. <3
    8 ) Any sort of animal related items! xD Like..lemur tail. :0 Or capybara slippers! xD
    9) Well, let's see.
    Steel/Kat-Pretty much me in disguise, since at first I hadn't realized I should probably go by a different name or something. xD
    Tavorian-Pretty mellow and serious, and I'm usually pretty mellow and somewhat serious when I'm calmed down and not bouncing off of walls.
    Stormy-Pretty much crazier Man me. xD
    10) 'Nothing worth having comes easy'. Not exactly a motto, but I still love it.

    Community Member

    Fri Jan 26, 2007 @ 06:47am

    1) My friend told me about it, and I wanted to check it out.

    2) Being introduced to role play. I've been addicted to RP ever since. xp

    3) Blue (azure, cerulean, etc.)

    4) I can't decide. It's either Bacon & Eggs or French Toast.

    5) I like several kinds. Pretty much everything except most rap, country, or heavy metal (the kind where you can't even understand what they're saying)

    6) It's a close race between Kold and Brimmstone, but I'd say Kold.

    7) I don't really have one. I believe that I have much to learn, and I want to find my own way without hero worship or anything like that. [/excuse for not having one]

    8 ) This question seems familiar. xd I would either choose a Lightning Scythe. It's a new type of weapon and element to Gaia, and I think it would be fun.

    9) There's a few, but Kold reflects my true self the most. Kold is basically me with powers, sword skills, and a scar (I've been told that I resemble Kold xp ).

    10) I don't have it down to a single Hallmark Card sentence, but these ideas:

    "Treat people the way you want to be treated." (Golden Rule)

    "No matter how great you become, you're only human just like the rest of us."

    "Don't take life too seriously."

    Community Member

    Fri Jan 26, 2007 @ 04:17pm

    1. Oh dear....now this was a long long time ago, when I was still freshly addicted to role playing. Kristy, who was newly moved in with me at the time, I think before Noses Optional came out, introduced me and her now girlfriend to it, and we decided to make a set of sisters who were wer-cats/witches. 2. Well, at first, I didn't. Kristy and Cathe were more obsessed in playing FFXI, so I eventually left to play that, too. I came back, because it was free, and I missed role playing. Now I've got some awesome friends that make me stay even more! 3. Golden Yellow. 4. BACON! Then Pancakes, which I just made some apple pancakes last night (SQUEE!) and then apple cinnimon muffins that this one place sells in the downtown area. MUFFINY GOODNESS! 5. Just about anything. Except for hip hop, rap, and country, but there's always an exception to the rule; for the life of me, I can't figure out why I like Gangster's Paradice, and Eminem. I'd like to add more cultural music to my collection, but I don't download music anymore. 6. I can't have a favorite. Really, I can't. I like each of them for different reasons. 7. No one. Once I start idolizing someone, I soon learn about the things that make them not so great. Then I start to hate them. It's why I try not to idolize my friends anymore. 8. Something either Moon or Elemental related....where you could change it's colors. As to what specifically, I couldn't tell ya. 9. Krystic reflects the nicer, caring side of me. Along with my dream of having a strong bond with my friends, where nothing could break us apart. She's also the hopeless romantic in me, with the best boyfriend ever! Blakavar is the loner side of me, when I get depressed and feel that no one really cares. She's tough and self-reliant, which I try to be more like whenever someone lets me down. Poppy (RPMattius) is my inner childhood, though slightly smarter and more active and rebunctious than I really was. I always wanted to be a gymnist and an acrobat. FooFoo Armaments is my desire to be strong, and my love of great swords. Her love of fighting is my memory in Junior High, on how a part of me wished I actually got into a fight. It never happened, but I wanted to proove that I was tough. Cerynitis is connected to my love of Greek Mythology, especially the Goddess Artemis. It's kind of irronic, when growing up, I had a love for animals, and the deer was something special to me. It sticks out in my mind the most, because of one girl in my class who asked me to draw her some deer. I found out later in High School, despite never being really good friends with her, she still has that picture. LunarPearl represents the element I was born under, water, along with my ruling planet, the Moon. Hellcat Firestorm is my love for cats. Apakoh Drache is my love for dragons. I'm reminded of my older sisters. One always had Unicorns in her room, while the other had Winged Horses (Pegasus was just the name of one of them, the last of his kind). It wasn't until later that my mythical creature was the Dragon. Though, my mom has this tendancy of buying me gargoyle related things...which I love just as much. ^^ ~Wyrrd~ is my love for Gryphons, along with the world of all other fae-ish and mythical creatures. She was my very first account on Gaia, and I'm glad to have gotten her back, and upgraded her to another character to which I get to have fun with. ^^ Naomi Devin is the sex driven tattooed freak I pretend to feel like whenever I watch Sin City. :XD That, and I love elves. Amalea van Theeb is the desire in me to be exotic and alluring. 10. Allow yourself to explore the different possibilities. Only then will you find the truth that is you.

    Yami Kasui Tenshi
    Community Member

    Sat Jan 27, 2007 @ 03:31am

    1.) Haha..I had always been addicted to RP, I used to do it on Neopets back when I was in 5th grade or something... sweatdrop xd
    2.) I would have to say LH, and all the RPing. You guys are great and I love you all...I could never leave you guys.
    3.) Blue
    4.) I love scrambled eggs and toast with chedder cheese and coffee!
    5.) Oh...I am an all out rocker, yes..a rocker, I even love emo and alternative!
    6.) Oooo..Yami, of course, I've spent most of time on Gaia with her, and my others are rather new...I am very attached to Yami...
    7.) My older brother, he is a great influence and has helped me through lots of stuff... (As you can see, Yami also has this feeling with Kold, since she sees him as an older brother..and yes, Tony is an awesome big brother! cool )
    8.) Better Angel wings...
    9.) Yes...all of my characters relate to a part of me, Yami is my dense and young side, she is sweet and very emotional..even though she keeps it secret, I admire her strength. In part, she is what I wish I could be...
    10.) Don't give up, your hard work..will pay off.

    Sir Lynx
    Community Member

    Fri Feb 09, 2007 @ 01:41am

    1 Aw jeez... pretty sure I just stumbled upon it, and showed it to some friends. Can't say for sure, it's been a while.

    2 The Roleplaying, and nice people here, for sure. My buddys drifted away from the site, and I still play online games with em, but this place will always have a place in my RP

    3 Blue, or Grey

    4 French Toast, or Pancakes

    5 Punk, Metal(A lot of genres, but not all) and Techno(mainly Trance)

    6 I would have to say Lynx, mainly because he was my most fleshed out character, and I had a ton of fun with him

    7 I have no clue. Gonna go with Kold, or Kyla. They've been there since the beginning, and are still going strong. Gotta love the LH!

    8 Some form of weapon other than a sword, you know, for variety.

    9 I think Lynx does, without all the magic. He's friendly, but won't go out of his way to talk to people, and doesn't like to boast.

    10 "Fly free for as long as you can, for there are chains everywhere"

    Community Member

    Fri Mar 16, 2007 @ 05:09am

    1) The RP drew me in, and I've been here ever since.
    2) The friendly people at Lunar Hope
    3) Grey
    4) French Toast
    5) Metal. Folk, Black, and Power Metal
    6) I love Grok. He's always fun to roleplay with, and with Lynx 'gone', he's the one I'll stick with
    7) Kold
    8 ) An axe. A big, two headed axe xD
    9) I think he represents my more silent side, along with my strong side xD
    10) "Fly free for as long as you can, for there are chains everywhere."

    Community Member

    Fri Jun 22, 2007 @ 02:29am

    1). Random chance, I came, I saw, I got hooked. xp

    2). Mainly the avatar system, the RPs and the more interesting features....not to mention the battle system whenever it gets here.

    3). Black

    4). Something tasty, and something with lot's of sugar to get me going for the day....preferably something with both these qualities. Though by the time I'm up, it's usually past breakfast time anyways. ^_^;

    5). Anything that sounds good really...apart from country. >_<

    6). Corbenik! Playing him is so much fun!

    7). I don't really have one. There are plenty of people I respect and some I admire, but none I idolize. But if I did idolize someone it would probably be the guy who invented Coca-Cola. ninja

    8 ). Food that you can equip (not just houses stuff) and Ponchos....their pretty awsome.

    9). I have a few characters that can ralate to big parts of me...but then again I don't think it's possible to have a character that doesn't include some aspect of me....or it wouldn't really be my character.

    Out of my main 2 though, Corbenik is me after way too much sugar and caffeine, and Kokujo....well...he's me after I've just woken up in the morning. sweatdrop

    10). "Life is what you make of it"

    User Comments: [8]
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