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Stupid stuff my friends fight about...
Back to my awesomely cool health class, good times. So I decided to just sit and listen to what my friends argue over in class and write them down as well.
Jackie Chan vs. Jet Lee - as to who is better was never really decided...
When to use who or whom - this was a rather short argement but still really funny!!!
Doing the opposite of what the other says - This was a big one. It got to the point as to where they were doing the opposite, of the opposite, of the opposite etc. of what the other said. They got to about 10 of the 'opposite of' stuff before they tried to actually test it out. The short of the teting part was that it didn't work.
Wheather babies know they are alive before they are 9 monthes - This one is pretty self explanatory.
Wheather they are gods or not - Somes examples being: the god of internet archery and the god of all gods.
Wheather Chemistry should be a class or not - One thought that it was a useless class and then they some how got on the topic of one of them being a band director...I kinda lost track after this point...
What happens when matter and anti-matter meet - This is by far the longest running argument between my friends. They just can't seem to agree as to what happens when matter and anti-matter meets.
Who has the better grade in Latin - This is also a rather large one as well. I never did find out who has the better grade though...