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When plumbing goes wrong...
So apparently when my parents were finishing our third floor they forgot to connect the toilet to the rest of the pipes. Anyway, lets just say that ever since then crap has just been pileing up underneath our house. We just figured out that this was happening because when you walked into our house it smelled like sewage. So today we had to spread crap loads of kitty litter on a big pile of smelly crap all the while I was crawling on the ground. It sucked because I'm almost 6 foot and the space under our house is about 2, 3 feet high...and hauling bags of cat litter around was rather hard. When you have to squat to get anywhere, plus I managed to hit my head a lot on random pips and cross beams. Luckily I didn't run into any really large bugs...but thats about all I did on this lovely saturday...then I went to the mall and bought some shoes.