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Farewell to a good friend

Update | October 2, 2007 Wrote:
Due to my profile being featured, many just read this entry of mine. I appreciate all your kind words and support. If you would like to read more about my friend Icarus, I established a charity called UTOPIA to honor him. We also have a little shrine for him, just click this link if you wish to visit it - LINK.

The past 3 weeks I've been rarely on gaia due to hectic RL schedule. One of my major priorities was to conduct a charity event in Manila which was held last December 14, 2006. I was aiming to launch a website to show the event to all of you on or before Christmas Day. But there were some issues I cant ignore, the launching of my website was postponed. I've been working around the clock to manage projects for the company I am currently employed with. I manage a team based in Manila so my timezone is pretty much screwed. I am sad that I have no time to visit Gaia and join the holiday events setup by the admins and the little giveaway thread me and my friends organized. Time passed by quickly and so was my ability to recognize the year 2006 actually ended.

Last Friday January 5th, 11 PM my body collapsed due to anxiety panic attack (I refuse to admit I am overly stressed and my will-power to function is limited to my brain ). I dont recall much, but all I know its been very difficult for me to sleep and relax. I find it hard to eat and I feel nauseated even if I think of food. My condition isn't life threatening, its a result of my negligence and taking my health for granted. After a few weeks of rest and obedience to follow my medication I will be back to normal.

My medication helps me relax, but it does make me dizzy and become uncoordinated. Good thing about it I dont need to work as much. So yesterday I managed to log back to gaia (even for 5 mins) to close down the holiday thread. I also informed a few of my friends about my health condition and limitation to be visible online. Today I have another few minutes to check gaia and I try to read as many PMs as possible and respond to each and everyone of them. A certain PM crushed my heart, it made me realize health and life shouldn't be taken for granted. One of my dear friends/supporters in gaia passed away - Icarus.

Midoriwa Wrote:
I know you were a good friend of his so i am giving the notice i gave everyone in our guild and am working on giving the charity and things.

I don't know how to tell you guys this. It is a very hard thing for me because I loved him dearly.

Icarus was sick. He had bad headaches and then nosebleeds. He would get very sick. One day he passed out in class and he was rushed to the hospital. They found a mass on his brain and had to run tests. His roommate said that he died in surgery on Christmas day.

It was a hemotoma. That means his brain was bleeding..sort of like a bruise. That is blood under the skin but this was in his brain.

Darren is my first love and I will miss him so very much. He helped me discover a lot about myself and to really grow up.

He's gained his wings and can truly fly to the moon or sun and back.

He will be missed greatly and remembered.

I managed to know him in a personal level (even if its just virtually). For a young adult, his wisdom and persona is beyond his years, I consider myself lucky to cross pathed with someone like him. It hurts me to know that I wasn't around much to talk to him during his last few weeks. He was one of the first few people I talked to about my real life charity work. I have so many plans to have him participate and even assign him to be a content writer for articles I plan to make. It hurts me to know he wont be around to participate and witness the projects he help me planned.

I will never forget you Icarus, you are a genuine person and a true friend. You are one of those rare individuals who gave me support for nothing in exchange besides the joy of helping a friend. It makes me sad I cant give you a tribute equally as remarkable as the one you`ve given me. But I promise to do my best for everyone to remember you, your good deeds, talents and your amazing personality.

Depth of friendship does not depend on length of acquaintance.

My prayers are always with your family, friends, loved ones and of course you (wherever you are). And if there is a heaven (and if I was given a ticket to enter) expect a little tap on your left shoulder coming from me soon.

Yours sincerely,
(your virtual big sister)