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November 29, 2006
My familiars. A lot has happened involving my familiars. After Umbral Gaze hatched, I found another egg. This eventually hatched into a skeleton called Blanc. After they all hatched, my dad came in to explain what had been going on. He was the one that kept leaving me the eggs. Apparently, a long time ago in our clan, there was a powerful neko warrior who fought using familiars. When he died, Feral promised this warrior that he would find a way for the familiars to live on. The eggs dad was leaving for me were very special. Each one would hatch into something different according to whoever was holding the egg. The three familiars that hatched from my eggs were the same familars that had belonged to this warrior ages ago. After all three hatched, they all changed form to better reflect me, rather than their previous master. Fuu became a dragon, Umbral Gaze became a dog, and Blanc became a Yeti. They all have the same powers they posessed before, but now they are in different forms.
Umbral Gaze was unhappy with his form, and pretty unhappy in general with having to serve a master whether he wanted to or not. So we made a deal. I told him that he could take on any form he wanted to, and I promised to be a worthy master. This calmed him quite a bit, so now Umbral Gaze is in the form of a phoenix. So here is the list of my familiars:

Familar Name: Fuu
Physical Form: Large white dragon with blue eyes and gold features
Dormant Form: Spirit within the Hien blade
Special Abilitiy: Wind Crescent
Physical Form Ability: Shining Dragon Strike (A powerful striking attack of extreme precision and pressure) (Can also fight in dragon form if need be)
True Form: An elegant woman with golden hair and eyes. Fuu wears a white dress and and a blue tiara. She also wears gold jewelry.
True Form Abilities: Currently unknown

Familiar Name: Umbral Gaze
Physical Form: Phoenix
Dormant Form: 5 Jewel Dice kept in my hip pouch
Special Ability: Precious Dice (range of abilities determined by dice rolls)
Physical Form Ability: Stone Shot (becomes a bolt of energy and passes through an enemy, planting a curse in them which starts turning their body to stone. Can be reversed with a second strike)
True Form: A young man with very messy orange hair, and an orange visor which completly hides his eyes. Umbral has a pair of sleek wings on his back, and halo of phoenix flame circling his head. Umbral is constantly chained to a pair of shackles which appear in the floor whenever he appears. The chains extend, allowing Umbral to move around without restriction. The chains are there to bind Umbral's mysterious power. A power which even Kurikara does not know much about.
True Form Abilities: Unknown

Familiar Name: Blanc
Physical Form: Yeti
Dormant Form: Spirit within the Hien blade
Special Ability: Focus Marrow
Physical Form Ability: Windmill of Terror
True Form: A man about the same age as Umbral with white skin and a large white afro. Blanc has striking blue eyes hidden behind large round glasses. He wears blue clothing and looks more like a researcher than a fighter, but he is actually quite powerful, especially with hand to hand combat.
True Form Abilities: General ice abilities: Blanc can freeze any nearby water, including bodies of water, and the water inside of things, such as plants, he has to touch the object however in order to freeze the water inside. He can also create objects out of ice using the moisture in the air. This allows Blanc to create pillars, blades, sheilds, basically any solid object he may require out of ice.
Hand to hand combat: Blanc is very skilled in close range, hand to hand combat. One of his most powerful abilities is his Close Combat attack. He attacks the opponent several times, very swiftly and powerfuly. This leaves him open for a counterattack, but allows him to use a very powerful skill. Wherever Blanc strikes the opponent while using Close Combat, the water in that specific and very precise spot of the person's body will freeze and shatter, opening wounds on the opponent from within. A single strike can open a wound the size of three fingertips, and several well placed attacks can cause the opponent to bleed severly.

Each of my familiars has an ability that they can use while in Dormant form, and a different ability that they can use while in their physical forms. Also, each of my familiars have been granted the ability to enter our world in their true forms, the forms they would normally only take in the Imagined World. These forms also come with amazing abilities. Fuu's appearance has also changed again. Originally she was a small green fairy dragon. Now she is a very elegant white dragon, and much bigger than she was. She said her change was due to the both of us sharing very strong desires.

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    Wed Nov 29, 2006 @ 09:49pm

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