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Teh Green Kiwi
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Teh Green Kiwi
I would like to inform you all that I may not be on gaia all that often, because I am currently writing a story, and I am also buried in homework. My charcter gave me the idea, and so did my best friends in real life. Here is the first little bit of the story, but not the whole thing. You'll have to wait till i'm finished to see the whole thing i've writen, but here's the first few lines.

“You are such a loser!” Tabi looked at Brittany with a glare in her eye.
“Well, you have no social skills!” Brittany returned the glare.
“Jerk!” They shouted in unison. A vase fell and crashed to the floor. All the children gasped and started to read. The teacher hustled over to the two girls, and escorted them both down to the principal’s office. “Hello, we have two girls that just can’t seem to get along. So, I sent them down here to think about what they’ve down and sort things out.” The teacher then left in a hurry.
“The principal will be with you in a minute just sit down and enjoy our comfy office.” That was the secretary who in our school set the record for biggest gum bubble. She just sat there chewing away for about 2 hours, until the principal finally came out. She dragged us into her office pulling both of us by the arm. She yammered on for what felt like hours, but what was only a mere twenty minutes, just lecturing us on classroom etiquette, and how we must learn to get along. After her mouth-ceased movement I left there in a hurry, I was so glad to go home.
I scurried on home thinking about that selfish ex-friend of mine. I walked silently. All of a sudden, a light flashed to the heavens, so big, so bold, so beautiful, it rippled through the sky and in a small flash a person appeared. She looked around staring at me, looking at everything. I moved closer and extended a finger, I touched the petite creature and in a flash I woke up. I was home. It was now a new day. “Had the fight been a dream. Had the p-pixie, f-f-faerie, creature been a dream.” Tabi felt delirious. She stumbled down the stairs and landed with a crash. Her mom helped her up and asked if she was okay, then shoved her to the table for breakfast. “Honey, you never told me about your day at school yesterday. How was it?”
“My day? My day? It was horrible, awful, and unbearable! How could you be so rude to remind me of the atrocious day! You’re such a bad mother!” She had a disobedient tone in her voice.
“I didn’t know sweet pea, what happened?”
“That brute of an ex-friend borrowed my favorite stuffed animal, and lost it, She also wore my shirt and stained it, and on top of that she called me fat! I never want to see that Brittany again!” She huffed and puffed for air. They exchanged looks, and her mom gave Tabi her breakfast and headed for work. She devoured it bit by bit. First the pancakes smothered in maple syrup, then the tater tots, next the mango on the side. She then packed her lunch, a milkshake, pack of skittles, and some spaghetti. She slid off her chair and sprinted outside to catch the city bus.
As she arrived to school something was wrong. Everyone gave her a glare, called her names, like hundreds of Brittany’s. Brittany grinned and walked up to Tabi. “I told you, you have no social skills. No one wants to talk to you. It’s what I call gossip.” Brittany exclaimed with a proud smile. Tabi looked at her, baffled, and just pushed on by. ‘What a witch.’ She thought. School was long, and nothing was good about it; Hannah splashed mud on Tabi’s coat, Maddie stole Tabi’s homework, Mariah and Maria teased her all day long, Melissa ate her snack, and Brittany just stood there, satisfied. Tabi hurried in side after recess.
“Take out your pencils class, it’s time for a pop quiz!” Shouted the teacher with delight in her heart. Tabi shuffled through her binder for a pencil and at last found one. She started the quiz, and thought she aced it. Brittany picked up the papers. She handed them to the teacher and stared at Tabi.

That's not all i've writen so far, but I can't spoil it for you. And please don't comment on how I have to indent. In microsoft it is indented, but for some reason it's not working here. But, anyway I hope you enjoyed that little bit, I plan to publish it when I get enough pages, but that could take years. Anyway, see you all later, and please let me know on a scale from 1-10 (1 being the lowest, 10 being the highest) of how you liked that little bit of my story, and tell me how I may be able to improve it. Well, thanks for reading it! See ya all later!
From, Bubbles

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