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The weekend
Well, so much for an awsome time this weekend. Jon can't come, I understand though, Sarah may come late that is if she comes at all, Mel doesn't know so the only one who will be here is Nancy, who hangs out WITH MY MOM. smilies/icon_crying.gif Uh, this is going to suck. And poor Caitlin, so far only 3 people out of nine can come to her birthday party....she should have invited more girls. Today won't be any better.I'm trying to drop my art class because I REALLY don't belong there. These kids are preppy, rich freaky upper class men, or kids in my grade who I NEVER hang out with. I swear, I'm the only lower class, un popular kid there and I HATE it. Even my teacher is one of them, because she's really young, she just got out of college. So, I was hoping I would not have to go today. We're still having those people over for dinner, and I was hoping my mom would let me come home early to help get ready. But my sister is staying home today and when I asked my mom, she was like " I need some alone time with your sister." God Caitlin always gets the attention, they think because she is the middle child and everything than she doesn't get enough, so they are always giving her more, where as I get barley any myself. So I'm really mad at my mom. I don't want tp go this afternoon. Sorry for the self pitty. I'm just having a hard time right now. My best friends is leaving in June and I just found out that she could stay another year, but doesn't want to. She wants to "start over" I don't get how she'll do it, she's so shy! She says she wants more friends and stuff, well it's going to be hard because in high school everyone has their own group. Knowing her she'll turn put to be the girl in the sweats and big jewlery that hangs out with the guys that go "thas whack, and YO! wasssssUUUUPPPP?" smilies/icon_rolleyes.gif jeez, everything and everyone is changing. Even the ones around me. I feel bad for Jon, he hates his school, at least I can tolerate it. And Lydia's long gone. She is a prep. No more, no less.
-The one left