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Update? OMG!
Been a while since I updated now, so I recon nobody will even read this. I'll just do it to pass some time though. Yay. :3

Nothing much really going on these days, mostly school. 1 year anniversiary with my girlfriend coming up.. Time sure does fly. It has been a lovely year though, so I definately won't complain about anything I did or did not do.

This Wednesday I'll be going to my first ever "proper" concert, aside from seeing Black Sabbath that is. This time we're talking The Unholy Alliance (5 metal bands <3) and I can't wait. Me and my friend Erik will be sleeping over at a fellow Gaians house (o.o), and that will surely be fun. Especially since she will be the first person I ever meet from Gaia. smilies/icon_whee.gif Perhaps I'll get you some pictures.

Other than that I just got myself contacts, and I'm still getting used to poking myself in the eye. smilies/icon_xd.gif

Yeah.. that's it for now. Peace out. <3