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OK, Matt and I went to tour Salisbury University this weekend, and it is AMAZING! I am SO in love with that school. I want to go there horribly. Actually, Matt likes it a lot too, but it doesn’t offer his major. *is sad* that would be pretty cool!

SO, over the weekend, we went to Ocean City. I got these amazing pictures on the beach of Matt and myself courtesy of Mom. She rocks. The photo essay is coming along well, now that i have the pictures. ^_^

The weekend was otherwise wonderful, but anytime I spend with Matt is. Then today we had our first Youth Sunday. Eric, our new youth leader (mom quit), preached and the youth choir sang. I sounded AWFUL! I sang soprano line and since I’m draining (stupid allergies) it was more like squeaking. Yea… well I have a crud load of homework I should be doing, so ive gotta go, but I will most definitely put up mi pics from the beach soon!
Luffles to all ~HH