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WHY THE HELL ARE PEOPOLE IDIOTS... AND Y THE HELL WHEN YOU ARE TRYING TO HELP THEY STUPID AX DO THEY STILL NOT LISTLEN... ... a simple thing taht would take no more than 15, 20 minutes to resolve.. end up taking 1 FRAKEN HOUR!!! and then..... because sed idiot cant follow the simplest direction, one gets introuble with management for not resolving issues promtlly!...witch if I would tell them to my DAM DOG!! (witch by the way would probably understand better) would follow themm... *sigh*... if U cant tell.. ive had a bad day at work... its a relativelly simple job.. tech suport over the phone.. but since i have no other outlet at the moment im venting hERe... and i dont really like writing ... so this should say somthing... I HATE STUPID PEOPLE THEY SHOULD NOT BE ALOWED TO PROCREATE!!.. GOD I LONG FOR THE DAYS OF NATURAL SELECTION!!!.. WE HAD A MUCH BETTER JEAN POOOL THEN.. .... . now i dont clain to be the most intelegent or the best.. at ANITHING really .. but i do belive im no where near stupid od dit de rit status... GOD CLEAN OUT OUR JEAN POOL! PLESE!!!..... *sigh*.. screw this im going to bed... ...

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Mayve Yume Draygon
Community Member
commentCommented on: Thu Nov 09, 2006 @ 06:58pm
Wow Chaos it must have been really bad if you were willing to put it in writing. I'll give you a call today and you can vent some more then. Just try to relax and get some rest when you can. I'll talk to you later.

commentCommented on: Thu Nov 23, 2006 @ 11:31pm
*chuckles* The gene pool is stagnant. And I administer the cholorine.


Kain Tycho Draygon
Community Member
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