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The final...
I am here to stay, and here I will lay.
Awaiting vengence...which will come with resistance,
To persist, will I you ask, indeed I shall.

I am awaiting here, in the deepest hatred of your heart,
Where are you?
Like a light among the darkness that confines my mind,
You sit, you laugh.
I look and wonder upon the fact, pondering on why one would laugh, despite the fact that it is not me they are laughing at, for they are looking upon a reflection, a mirror image, I am them, they are me, I itself gives me no interjection of the vatness of this dillusion, and in conclusion, I find nothing admist the dark cunumdrum of the reflection, my inner self.

Life is like a Lotus flower, filled with beauty and meaning.
Death is like a black rose, not wanted and meaningless.
Joy in life brings joy in death, just like sanity before death
leads to sanity in the next life.
Sanity is not measured by the mind itself, but what lies beneath the comlexity,
a soul confining true sanity within the person, released by the will of the heart,
and the strength of their emotions.