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The Magical Singing Xbox 360
The xbox 360, owned by Majin Sasuke/SIeko Desert Demon now has something like 2 to 3 gigabytes (GB) of songs off CDs, it though that's not saying much since it'd be allot more if it were in MP3 format instead. smilies/icon_sweatdrop.gif It doesn't really offer much in "customizing" the system and options in general. It generally just goes for what microsoft likes, which is high-space usage so you have to buy more, which means more money. Go Linux today, though Windows and most Linux systems don't play well. Or at least the system format, or what it may be called though I'll just list some of the windows ones, FAT, FAT 16, FAT 32 and/or NTSC.
Well after going through some of the songs whilist playing Need for Speed: Most Wanted (which came with like 18 tracks which were mostly rap songs of the un-understandable kind) I heard a song's line that seemed too wrong to be found on a cd though I maybe hearing things. "Reach down and feel it"
What ever the case must be, clearly the 360 almost does the same thing the normal pc (which generally means a windows-based OS system), pron or what you wish to call it.
Oh right, offically I've become a "boobologist" with the major of "boobology"