Elf Lord Chiewn
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Disclaimer: Am I biting off Case, you may ask? Yes. Yes I am.

This is a sort of wannabe character sheet, constructed in reference to the Levels of Paganism thread.

Type: Neo-Pagan Jackass
Bonus Class(es): Elitist [+8]
Level: 24
Sex: Male
Major skills: flagrant BSing, poetry, using big words
I'm a level 24 Neo-Pagan Jackass, with heaps of charisma and ranks in flagrant BSing and poetry. Specialties include making smart-a** remarks, gaining strength from the bones of the young and naive, and I've got an inherent +4 bonus to "not giving a ********" checks. I eat the babies of people who use Christianity as an excuse for the unconscionable. My chosen enemies are ignorance and spam monsters, and I have a habit of strangling trolls that aren't cute, witty or overdone (that is, anything that does not predate 2005).