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HOSHIT! Not another Gaianiversary?
Ga'dammit! Wasn't I supposed to seek therapy for my Gaian Addiction?
In July 24, I will have stuck by Gaia's high and lows for 2 years now.

Two years man... two years!

I've changed sexes 3 times! Own all the items from jan 04 to today's present date + a JU 03 shirt and an angelic scarf, participated in one group auction and got banned from countless guilds (mostly due to lurking and not posting)

But, what the hell man... what the hell?

I can't quit now... Gaia's in my blood! Pixels have latched onto my neurons, reprograming me to praise Gaia!

I need a 12 step for this addiction. Seriously folks, this is not healthy. smilies/icon_xd.gif

*huddles in a corner and rocks slightly mumbling "All hail Gambino!"*