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my life before u
didnt relize i was living a nightmare
i thought it was something everyone went through
but then i moved here, and found something i wasnt used to
and that was you
before you i had noone to tell me i was fine
before you i had noone to hold me while i cried
and leaving you was the hardest thing in my life,
before you all i thought of was life, as in wanting to die, was my destiny
i thought i had no place on the planet
and now that i have you with me,
next to me,
kissing me,
i dont think ill ever let you go,
and i just wanted you to know,
that ill always love you,
you turned my stone cold heart on fire,
you made my bleeding wrist heal,
you made me into a living person,
and i feel more than anger.
ill miss you so much.