Somewhere far, on the outskirts of the same galaxy the troublesome planet of Gaia is neatly nested in, there is a small planet. On that planet thrived an advanced race that, by all human accounts, could be called Angels and Devils. It was however, only their appearance that would describe them as such, and the natives of the planet remained blissfully unaware of what their appearance could convey in an entirely different place in the universe.

The natives of the planet, that bore the name Horosolaris, did in fact carry one long lost trait in common with the folk of Gaia - one way or another, their ancestor was common. The history behind their arrival to the distant part of the galaxy is as of yet unknown but it did end up making Solarians very much alike the humans of Gaia, with some astounding alterations that might be important to mention. Such as the fact Solarians’ bodies had the unusual property to adopt and adapt to any planet’s surroundings in time, which wasn’t always a good thing; though their bodies would adapt, their minds wouldn’t as easily, and it was by pure luck their planet was so gently to its inhabitants. Horosolaris, you see, has the kind of atmosphere ultimately beneficial for all living forms in ways most can’t imagine. So beneficial is it, in fact, that certain otherwise normal things, remained obsolete from the very start of the evolution of its species.

Medical care these days, remained but science brought from other plants for the most part, popular for how exotic it seems. So rare were illnesses and injuries, as Solarians were able to withstand injuries fatal to humans and their system bypassed viruses otherwise lethal.

Sleep was not as necessity as much as it was a way to relax. Energy replenishment is necessary once a week and it is usually a nap.

Then, there is no need to consume for the sake of energy, and this is where the a story of a weird but benevolent little abomination known as Beau begins; young woman, living a good life and surrounded by good people, enjoying the perks of technological and scientific advances. Alas, all things come to an end sooner or later and, as it always were, the troublesome planet of Gaia is somehow involved into it.

Beau had a tendency to explore and as such became one of the young Solarian minds who set their heart off into space in search of a different form of life, friend and just about anything else foreign. Beau, probably too curious and adventurous for her own good, set out into the further unfamiliar part as of yet unexplored space, with nothing but a spacesuit and a spacecraft barely big enough for one, and arrived in the general proximity of Gaia... in the year 2006.

It was her own fault that she let herself be distracted by the unexpected party of Zurg that had been advancing on a small, unfamiliar planet and Beau got careless. She let her guard down as she wondered whether one of her best friends, Zurg, he happened to be, was on one of those very ships and never noticed the meteor that clearly showed on her radar. In one fast, furious clash, her space craft had been smashed to pieces and her body ejected into outer space and towards the planet of Gaia at an unimaginable speed.

When Beau woke up the first time, she had been falling through the atmosphere. It was a beautiful but dizzy view and she soon lost consciousness again and the view was all that stayed. The second time, she awoke it was pain that both woke her up and that made her lose herself to the dark. The scent of her burning suit was all that stayed.

The third time she woke up, she knew that below her was grassy ground, above her the vast space, and the name of the constellations in the night sky but not her own. It was all that stayed.

Packed with knowledge upon knowledge she acquired on her home but with no recollection of her own history, Beau’s mind found no place for much else than fear and confusion for many days to come as she wandered the grassy field she fell into, with no shirt on her back and as little as ashes of her suit surrounding her. It was only on the third day, when her body had started adjusting to the Gaia’s surroundings, that Beau felt the sensation which, in the world where words “starvation”, “freezing” and “fatigue” did not exist, brought unfamiliar forms of pain to her. It was because of the sheer fact she had had to study other species and the way they functioned, that she knew what she was going through - but it didn’t make it any less easy.

It was coincidentally also the day she managed to stumble upon Barton in search of help and had it been a tiny bit luckier day perhaps she would have stumbled upon more benevolent people and not end up in the most pathetic alley, in the most notorious inn - but hey, at least there was food inside. Beau didn’t complain much as she, wrapped in the rags and starving half to death, asked around for a quick job and a bite to eat and managed to find work sweeping the dirtiest floors of the dirtiest inn in Barton.

Perhaps this seems meaningless to mention but it is important to know that Beau had never in her life had to digest anything and it was with this very promise of a meal that her whole life had changed and her new life began. There she sat in a small, disgusting room in the back, dine with her duties and wondering, with more of a perplexed feeling rather than disgust, why so many weird plants, dried herbs, skinned, dead animals and animal products hung about in the shop, when she finally put a warm bite in her mouth and found the answer to her question. It was with this bite that a new obsession was born and food never had the same, innocently scientific meaning ever again in the Beau’s head.