Chapter 3:

Sara decided to continue her story while everyone else had gathered to listen. She had told this story to her friends in bits in pieces, but she mostly kept a good chunk of it to herself. "I'll try to keep this as short as I can, a lot happened in a very small amount of time. We actually didn't know what happened until the next day when we found the kid missing, I honestly don't remember his name and I don't think it really matters anymore. We knew that, with a new body, Diablo would head east to free his brothers and he already had a days worth of traveling ahead of us.."

She shakes her head slowly. "It was...bad, wherever we went we ran into a hoard of demons that Diablo had been able to summon to slow us down. We had to make our way to a desert, than to a large jungle and oh my was that annoying as all hell.." She holds her hand up a good four feet above the ground. "Whole thing, covered in spiders this big, their venom was so powerful when it bit one of the knights it almost dissolved his leg off.." Bulma shivers from the very thought. "Yeah it...wasn't pretty, I think the poor lad survived..."

She couldn't remember, but she knew the guy lost his leg. "Anyways, the jungle lead us to the temple where Mefesto was and...I'm not going to lie that was a rather odd fight." She rubs the side of her head. "He was not a smart demon, there was a large gap between the floors, we got him on one side while we just fired crap at him for a bit, every once in awhile he would throw something back, but most of the time he just paced side to side trying to figure out how to get to us..." Trunks could help but laugh as she continued to shake her head.

"Honestly, have no idea how we confused him so badly, but we took it, followed a new portal into Hell, and, oh it was far worse than the first time." She shudders at the memory of it. "Hell is an...interesting place, it's not all fire and lost souls, though it did have a lot of undead monsters roaming around. It wasn't until we got deeper when we ran into rivers of lava and more many skeletons..." She lets out a low groan as she closes her eyes. "Took us two hours to clear out the area before we even thought about fighting Diablo again, and I still slightly regret that."

Her eyes open as she looks back at the small group. "He had time to gather his power so when he freed him, he was, a lot bigger, more spikes, sharp claws and stood a good twelve feet tall and was fast as all Hell." She pauses a moment trying to remember the rest. "I think by that point it was just me, Sir Ryan, and another knight...I don't remember his name but I know he didn't make it far after we killed Diablo..." She lets out another low sigh. "By the time we got to Baal, it was just me and Sir Ryan and even he was knocked out half way through the fight so it was just me again this....thing with six legs and hit hard, and and he liked to heal himself.."

She lets out a frustrated groan. "Gods it was such a pain in the...well butt, I ran out of arrows, when it came down to it, he was stomping around and there was no way in hell I was going to let him heal. So I grabbed my extra sword, and jumped him, I got him, he got me, he died, I almost died, when I came too I was back in town with a huge scar on my side." She points to the right side of her hip. "Almost cut me in half, but I somehow survived that fight.." No one could speak for awhile until Whis seems to snap out of it. "And it took you a year to deal with all?"

She gives him a slow nod. "Just about I was twenty when I started the quest, twenty-one by the time I got back home and all the stuff I found..." Her eyes go wide slightly. "I think I still got people going through half the crap I picked up, if it was magical, I took it with me." She holds up her small bag. "I still bloody do it, and only because this poor thing holds a infinite amount of items, so I can store all the junk I want and not think twice about it...until I have to find it.." Bulma blinks as she moves close. "May I see it?"

Sara nods and lets her hold it. Bulma opens it, looking in, but all she saw was darkness. "Careful, you can fall in...I have done it...twice looking for stuff, it's not easy getting out.." Bulma saw something glowing and pulls out a long sword which promptly falls to the ground. Sara picks it up with ease, holding the two handed blade correctly. "Oh you found it, got this off a blue dragon...not sure what I'm doing with it just yet." She shrugs and holds onto it. Whis just shakes his head. "I'm quite impressed, come Lord Beerus, I believe our time here is done." The cat shrugs and soon they were off. Her ears twitch slightly. "Crap I was going to ask him to take me home quick, meh it can wait."

Bulma just gives the girl a warm smile. "Oh you can stay here, I got plenty of room." Sara gives it some thought before bowing her head. "Thank you ma'am." Bulma heads into go set up a guest room. Trunks moves in, looking at her sword. "May I?" She nods and lets him hold it, it takes him a few minutes to figure it out and she shakes her head. "No no, your stance is wrong.." Vegeta watches silent as she shows him how to swing the thing as Bulla stands by her dad.

"You really think all that stuff was true?" He just keeps his arms cross, he knew bull when he saw it, but she didn't seem to be lying. "Whis himself validates her story..." He smirks a bit. "Would be interesting to see just what kind of challenge she could give in a proper battle." Bulla shakes her head at her dad, but she knew nothing stopped her dad from a challenge. Trunks seemed interesting in the sword she had. "You really got this from a dragon?" She nods at him. "I have another, but I honestly don't know why I kept it only paladins can use it, but I figured someone in the guild could use it." He lowers the blade to look at her. "Guild?" "Oh yeah, the fighters guild, back where I live, I run the place, and the mages guild, and a few other things...I get bored fast." Trunks laughs a bit as he turns back to the sword.