Haven't been on here much.. tho anyone reading this knows that. its not like i dont miss talking to you all, because i do!.. I'm just.. really shy. as more time passes the more scared i am to talk to people i used to talk with... so if you miss me feel free to throw me a pm!

ive been on chatango a lot.. mostly because ive been drawing a lot and i like doing cute edits. i dont talk there much either xP
oh i might be starting a web comic soon! this guy i know wants to do one with me.
the benefit is even if he doesn't i still might make one of my own with my own story :3
would be a lot of work but im looking forward to trying it out.
if anyone here has ideas for webcomics or or just wanna see my art or even would like to help me with the idea i have for my own web comic since Im not good at writing, that would be awesome.

update about me personally other then then that?
uh..i tried dating again..
it.. urm.. one relationship.. didn't last.. bleh why do i always give chances to the people that end up hurting me. didn't even date long but it was someone i was close friends with.. BLEH. honestly at this point if i dated someone it'd probably be one of my ex's.. as crazy as that sounds.. like..
there is one person i tend to think bout
and.. I'm not sure if its because I'm the one that ******** up or what.. but.. idk. my mind lingers on things.. I'm pretty sure said person doesn't even remember i exist. probably a good thing.

and other then that.. no job.. might get one soon. still pathetic..

making this too long x-x ill leave it be as is now. getting all depresseddd