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ok, i've always always wanted my own item. So, I thought one up, and a week later, i decided to TRY and colour it.. bahaha but i've butchered it i think! I made two different versions, however I think I prefer the first one. Not that it matters, when you hand in a tie dye ticket, I dont get to choose colour placement (what a relief, id have NO idea!)

emotion_sweatdrop Tie Dye Ticket design - Woodland Gardealle emotion_sweatdrop

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I have always loved the Woodland scheme, since the first few items were released. The moment the first Gardealle item released, I fell in love. I had to make this happen.
Sadly, this item is a mere dream. I couldnt save up quite enough gold in time for the scheme changes in the tie dye ticket, so now, I'e gotta think up a new plan.

gaia_diamond Tie Dye Ticket design - Lady Winter gaia_diamond

Here we go again, time to choose a new design. Now that im pretty much here, this will really become a reality! I've chosen a recolour of Lady Lulala, a very pretty and cute item that i'm sure i'd use a lot. Fairly even in price too.
I want to make this item into the new scheme - Saiphic, a mixture of pale blues and mints and ivory, such a pretty scheme.. and i'll call this item, Lady winter, just in time for winter!