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User ImageUser ImageThe first day of school was always a terrifying concept no matter how you spin it. Even more so for this case. This was an entirely new school where you didn't know anyone in your class before the first day. And of course the same was for Ayako. Literally, there was butterflies in his stomach right now. It's a miracle he hasn't felt nausea yet. Of course, that came with it's own embarrassment of only being the first day and already having to visit Recovery Girl.

Today was the first day on campus. They would arrive, do various homeroom things and ice breakers, then finally move into their new dorms for the next three years. It can't be that bad can it? His stomach was saying otherwise...

'Stop psyching yourself out! It'll all be fine. It'll just be like your Middle School. Everyone will be nice and you will all be close friends.' Ayako just sighed and hit his head lightly against the mirror he was getting ready in front of and currently freaking out at. 'Then why do I still feel so nervous!?'

Looking at his clock again, he could see the time dwindling down. Ayako gave his uniform one last once-over, he didn't want to get in trouble on the first day, and once he nodded in approval, he raced downstairs to get his stuff. "I'm going now! I'll see you guys soon. I'll make sure of it." He could hear his parents come to try and keep him with their goodbyes but he knew how they were. He booked it out of there before they could keep him any longer. He loved them so much but even he knew that given the chance they would keep him there and make him late on the first day.

The trip to the school wasn't too long. Probably just a half hour train ride at most. So Ayako didn't really see the point of having to live on campus. But apparently, it was a rule that was kept from the previous classes when villains seemed to attack U.A. constantly.

◌With: A lady (Irene)
◌Location: U.A. Classroom
◌Thinking: Calm down, you'll be fine. Just break the ice!