Aiden Liu
Age: 30
Birthday: January 6, 1987
Hair Color: red
Eye Color: Gold
Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Aiden Liu is a psychotic killer. There's nothing he loves more than to have a toy strapped down to his chair so that he can slowly pull their life to and end.

He was troubled as a child, constantly getting into fights with other kids. When he got into high school, things didn't get much better. He ended up getting into a fight where he lost his left hand. The older he got, the more violent he got. Eventually he got bored with straight up violence and decided to go with a more subtle and fun approach. He met his husband Yao Silver at his old job where he almost killed him. The two fell in love and shortly after, their daughter Blayze was born. When she was 3, their son Jason was born.

He's a 5'0 male with golden eyes. He bears a scar over his left eye. He also has many piercings: one in his eyebrow, the bridge of his nose, a nose ring and snakebites. The male also has red tattered fox ears and a tattered tail to match. His left ear is pierced all the way up. He is almost always wearing his favorite red hoodie with holes in the hood on the days he chooses to display his ears. He is very violent and not one to approach. He is also a smoker.

Likes: Murder, Torture, Blood
Dislikes: pink, loud noises as they bother his fox ears and the song What Does The Fox Say?
Family: Husband: Yao Silver, Daughter: Blayze, Son, Jason
Personality: short tempered. He doesn't tolerate anyone's bullshit. He will kill you without hesitation. He loves torturing people for the sheer thrill of it