Good things come to those who wait. That is what people say, isn't it? And though I may think of myself as perhaps the most hated person on this site for having disappeared multiple times due to my own depression and very dark, rough patch that I was fighting and for several people not wishing to speak to me because of it, good things have been coming my way. I just need to embrace the good that has been coming into my life, and share it with the world, as well as share my gratitude with the world. After all, I probably wouldn't have gotten this far without anyone believing in me.

As for the good things that have been happening in my life, some people may know it, but not everyone does. I am realizing, not one, but two dreams at once. I have written a book, and I have even designed the book cover for it, following my dreams of creative writing and art in one go. There were a few people who didn't believe in me, or who tried to tell me that I couldn't accomplish both dreams, but I feel as though I achieved the impossible. Being able to draw and write for a living has made me realize how lucky I truly am, and I want to share that kind of happiness with others.

So, I wish to thank everyone who has believed in me and inspired me to keep going. It is never impossible to reach your dreams, so long as you're willing to work towards them.