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4/20 Blaze It
Yesterday, got to experience the usual 4/20 in Colorado, the mile 'high' state. It being 4/20 often always causes a lot of debate about drugs and whether or not weed and other drugs are good or bad. So, for the longest time of my life, I was "No weed! Weed's going to screw up your brain and your body! All drugs are bad!" But for the first time in my life, I honestly don't know, and I've been introduced to a new perspective.

One of my friend's roommates who is a neurology major, explained to me how drugs worked and in my ethnics studies class we talked about how the stigma behind drugs had to do with incarcerating minorities and targeting the lower class. But first things first, I think it's important to realize the different categories of drugs and then secondly evaluating drugs by their overall affects of the body.

There are
1. Opioids- Morphine
2. Cannibinoids- Weed
3. Stimulanats- Adderall, Cocaine, Meth
4. Psychedelics- LSD, shrooms
5. Depressants- Alcohol

I feel like, drugs are often put into one huge category of 'drugs' with the explaination of why not to do drugs is, 'if they are drugs, they mess with your brain and they are unhealthy for your body, and you will get addicted to them and leave behind everything you love, and it takes a lot of money and nothing else becomes important to you anymore.' Yes, these are common behaviors behind drug abusers: especially with addictive drugs that fall under stimulants, depressants, and opioids. However, there's also a lot of other sides of drugs that are often not talked about in the media, in schools, and just drug education.

How I think you should assess the effects of a drug is by looking at it's neurological affects, addictive-ness (something you cannot control), toxicity, and physical effects... and here is the most important things I gathered from my conversation with my friend's roommate:

1. Psychedelics and cannibinoids: you cannot get addicted to them. You can develop a dependency on them to escape reality if you use the drugs in the wrong mentality. But an initial neurological addiction does not develop until you allow the dependency towards the drug to turn into an addiction.

2. You cannot overdose on weed.

3. Alcohol is honestly one of the worst drugs out there and is legalized, and things like weed (which imo is 'healthier' than alcohol) is illegal and often ranked as a worser drug than alcohol.
Alcohol, you can cause birth defects on the child's brain and body, it makes people angry, alcoholism is what tears families and lives apart, a lot of rape and sexual assaults happen when people are drunk, you can overdose on alcohol, it destroys brain cells, your liver, and kidneys.
Weed? Your child could get adhd. You could have trouble focusing (thus do not drive while you are high!) And some of the smoke inhalation could maybeeeee burn your lungs. Affects on the brain are still being studied (so far nothing really bad from the science community). And you could get a stomach ache if you eat too much weed-brownies. If you're 'addicted' to weed, you're called a 'stoner' who seems to have no worries in the world. When put next to each other, I think it becomes pretty clear which drug is more preferable than the other.

4. Cocaine and crack essentially are the same thing; main difference is one is found more in the upper class and the other is found more in the lower class. If you're found with cocaine, your penalty is a lot less than if you're found with crack-- which does not make sense, because they're essentially the SAME DRUG. But actually, it does make sense because this is lowkey purging of the lower class like in the movies.

I'm not by any sense promoting or slandering weed and alcohol use, I just think it's interesting to know your facts and realize that a lot of what you're told by your parents and by teachers are out dated information... Time to update! Also, I think it's important to realize the stigma behind drugs has nothing to do with how bad they are for you, but instead has more to do with your socioeconomic group.

tldr; alcohol worse, weed is better. question what you are taught in school.

Anyway, 4/20 was also my dog's birthday, her name is Tuffy and is the best dog ever with her inability to calm down and always being awake at 3 am in the morning when I'm procrastinating and in need of company.
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Ended up celebrating #420 with 2 exams. biggrin

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