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Thirty long years had passed since the creature known as Calamity Ganon, had been slain. Since his defeat, the land of Hyrule had rebuilt itself and entered a new era of peace and wealth. However in the deepest darkest corner of the Abyss, Ganon was slowly crawling his way back to the world of the living. He was a power that would never fade, the ultimate evil that will always rise again no matter how much time had passed. He was the embodiment of Power thanks to the piece of the Tri-Force that always lingered with him. But even now as he tried to rebuild his power, it wasn't as strong as before, taking the Gerudo king longer to reform himself to his former glory. But soon ash turn to bone, to muscle and skin, the void became his rebirth and soon he would be able to claw his way back to the light. Time had lost all meaning, but soon it wouldn't matter. The only thing that did was to return to his lands and start again, this time with a better plan of action. First however, he needed to get out of this hell.

It seems to take a life time to finally reach out to the sliver of light he had found and rip his way out. Before he even knew it, he was in a large grass covered field. He had done it as he takes in the fresh air, refilling his lungs with a need he long forgotten about in his death. He stood there on the grass covered hill in all his glory, the cool wind touching his naked form. The man was as naked as he was when he first came crying into this world. At least this was less bloody as he looked himself over. He was the same as ever, dark tanned skin from the years he spent under the desert sun. Tight rigged muscle from years of fighting and training. His wild red hair resembled something close to a loins mane more then actual hair. His chest was still fine toned and a small patch of red hair on his navel travel down to the thick forest below that cover his lower body. He takes his time, listing, there was nothing save the sound of crickets, it was night and the pale moon was his only light.

Ganon wasn't sure what surprised him more, the fact this worked, or that he had no idea where he was. There was no sign of the castle, roads, nothing. His last memory was dying near Hyrule castle, but as far as he could see there was nothing but open land and trees. He looked at his hand to try and summon the power of the Tri-Force only for nothing to happen. He stood there, unblinking, what had happened to the Tri-Force while he was dead, it sort of explained why it took him so long to come back. There was no telling how much time had passed though. Days, weeks, months, years even? He needed answers and for that he needed to find people, a town, something, anything. He takes a step, his bare toes wiggling in the grass. Clothes, that would be another thing. The large Gerudo couldn't continue to roam in the buff. So his first move, find higher ground which came in the form of a large hill he was near by.

He made the slow climb to the top to see, he really was out in the middle of nowhere. Even from up high, there was nothing to this place. Just where was it he ended up at, nothing looked familiar to the king. He lets out a low gruff and was about to turn away until he spots something in a large group of trees. He wasn't sure at first but soon he saw what looked like smoke. He moved a bit closer to see it was a small pillar of smoke, which meant someone had set up a campfire. A forest fire would be much larger and he would be able to see the flames. It wasn't much, but it as a start. if nothing else he could get the information he needed and use whoever was there to his advantage to get what he needed. Clothes was still top of the list, learning where he was second, third would be where Hyrule castle was and how to get there. If nothing else no matter how much time had passed, there would always be a Princess, and she would have answers as to where his Tri-force was. If she had anything to do with it, there would be hell to pay.

Meanwhile the small camp fire belong to a single traveler. A young woman sat at the fire, waiting for the large deer she shoot with her bow to cook. Not that it really mattered in the end, but old habits die hard. She was, different from the norm of people that usually called this place home. She was a tall, lean woman with dark raven hair. She knew her way on the battle field. A large wooden bow was strapped to her back, her arrows at her side along with a small bag. She wore a simple travelers robe that at least covered her body. That's not what made her different however, it was the large fluffy ears that sat on her head. She was a werewolf, but after a run in with a rather nasty mage that tortured her she could no longer return to normal. She even had a tail to match the ears, seems that wouldn't go away either. She lets out a yawn as she pokes at the cooking meat. She had been in these lands for two days, and she had no idea where she was.

She lets out a soft groan as she sat there, trying to piece together what happened. She was a mage, magic came to her easily and traveling was never a problem. That was until a few days ago, she was on her way home, traveling through the familiar trails that wove it's way through the world. She was half way through when something large came out of nowhere and almost ate her. By doing so it took out the many paths that lead to different areas and she ended up here in a panic. Her only choice now was to wait, she wasn't going to take a chance on becoming dinner for some unseen beast hiding in the dark. It was quiet, save the crickets in the area. Her ear twitches slightly however when the sound dies, which meant something was close. Deciding that it might just be another buck or something else she rises to see, a rather large and rather naked bulk of a man standing in front of her. Ganon had hope to catch the traveler by surprise, that didn't work as she stutters and covers her eyes. "By Azura man have some sense to cover yourself!" Ganon frowns a bit, but soon sees why he couldn't get the upper hand on this woman, she heard him.

He had no real answer as to why he was naked, though he didn't feel the need to explain himself. However he was more or less interested in her. Was she some odd cross bread of beast and man, or something new he had never seen before? He shakes it off, trying to ignore the rush of new questions now clouding his mind. "Here are we?" He spoke deeply in a tone she heard maybe before, but couldn't quite place where. She could only give him a small shrug as she goes through her bag. The only thing she had that would be big enough to cover him was a blanket she had and hands it over. "Not a clue, been here two days, haven't found a thing other than trees, trees, more trees and guess what, more tress." She shakes her head lightly. "Other than that I haven really seen anything, I was hoping to make it to the ridge of mountains to get a better view." She points out for to the north as he takes the blanket and wraps it around himself. It was better than nothing as he takes a step to see the mountains she was pointing at. It didn't look familiar to him, but it was a start to get a better idea where he was. He blinks and looks at her. "How do you not know where you are?" What kind of traveler was she? She rubs the back of her head, wonder how to explain herself. "Magic gone wrong?" "Ah, say no more." It wasn't uncommon for his people to know magic, he himself had a good grasp of it, it even allowed him to change into his beast form, that of a giant boar.

She wasn't sure what to make of this man but she moves over for him to join her. He sits and looks at the large deer before them. "You got this yourself?" He takes a piece of the meat and she nods. "I hunt a lot back home, it's not the hardest thing in the world." She pulls out her bow and he froze for a bit. It wasn't the light bow, but still it make him uneasy to say the least. After a minute or so he goes back to eating. She didn't seem to mind all that much. "So uh, are you ever going to explain why you're naked?" He lets out a low gruff at her. "I was dead, and I came back to the world of the living!" He honestly didn't think she would take him serous but she nods as if she's heard of this before. "Got ya, so are you some sort of God, or something?" Ganon just sat there, deadpanned she took this so well. "I have their power, or at least, used to, I was the holder of the Tri-Force of power, but in my death, it's power was faded, but there was still enough for me to return again." She had no idea what he was talking about, but she goes along with it for now.

As they sat there he got a closer look at her. "What are you?" He reaches over to poke her ear, which flicks at his touch. "You're not from Hyrule are you?" She looks at him from the corner of her eye. "No, never heard of Hyrule and the ears are a result of..um...mmm..." She really didn't feel like telling him about what she went through, but he saw it anyways. It was hard to miss the large gash on the side of her head. He froze, anger was quick to boil in his stomach. He was evil sure, but not this evil. She blushes slightly but she could feel just how pissed he got and fast. "It's old, about...six months or so, I was captured along with a group I was with, lets just say we didn't get the royal treatment.." She jumps back some as his face quickly gets closer to her's, his golden eyes burning. "Tell me you killed this man." She gives him a slow nod. "Our last battle with him was in Hell itself, it's safe to say he'll stay there for the rest of time.." He rises his brow at her, did nothing bother this woman? "It sounds as if you been there before." He was joking, she wasn't. "Third time, at least this time it wasn't to stop a large demon from trying to open it's gates."

Ganon was deadpanned again, just who was this woman? "You name, what is it?" She gives him an odd look, that was one hell of a way to ask someone's name but she shakes it off. "Sara, and you oh powerful one?" He narrows his large brows at her, was she teasing him? "King Ganondorf, Ganon for those who I see fit to call me as such." He was still rather close to her, his eyes still burning. "You never answered my question, what are you?" She tries to ignore him and takes a piece of meat, eating it slowly. "Human, well was at least..I'm what people know as a werewolf." Ganon gives it some thought, he had heard of the curse, but had never met anyone that had it. A part of him thought it was nothing more than a story. He says nothing more as he eats, already planing his next move. This could work out, she looked strong enough to help him lead his army. He would find Hyrule castle, find out the state it was in before returning to the desert to raise his army once again. Before he could do that however he needed to find out what happened to his piece of the Tri-Force and get it back. It would only be a matter of time before the whole world knew that the demon king was back and stronger than ever.