Wren Ellis
Pokemon Trainer

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Height - 5'0
Weight - 112lbs
H/C - Coffee Brown/Off Black with pink bangs.
Eyes - Brown/Blue (L/R)
S/C - Very light, tattoo on right hip.
Team - Ninetails, Galvantula, Pangoro*, Noivern, Kabutops, Dusknoir.
Favorites - Coffee, Pinap and Pecha Berry smoothies, rainy days, ghost TV shows, clothes shopping.
Dislikes - Sand in her shoes, bitter berries, youngsters, plane rides.

WIP but readable.

Looking out across empty space and sky that was Poni Canyon's open fields, Wren sighed, stretching out her arms and letting out a groan when her shoulders popped. "It's way too early to be out here.." she grumbled, "all of this for a chance to see some rare pokes.." In reality, it was actually only ten in the morning, she knew that, but she had stayed up for the better portion of the night in the underground area, looking for a Sableye, not returning to the hotel she was staying in until almost six. After a moment, Akainu strode up, padding along on the wooden planks of the bridge, flopping down on to his side before letting out a loud yawn and a huff, his large cream colored ears flicking forward then to the side. Letting out a scoff, she glanced over at the fire fox before shaking her head with a shrug, "Yeah, yeah, I know, we'll get breakfast when we get back." Scooting away from the edge and standing back up, she dusted off her legs before looking over to the Ninetails that was lazily rolling on his back to get an itch, "You're going to get dirt in your fur and that hotel's hot water isn't even that warm," she snickered, leaning down to scratch his exposed belly before starting to the other side of the bridge. "Those Dratini have to be around the underground lake.. someone said they saw a group of them just the other day, and they're not really known for moving around much outside of this cave.."