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Gambino costume update
First off, many thanks for all the various kicks in the a** I received. XD Especially thanks to artisticdoodle, whose inquiry into my progress was what finally spurred me to get back to it.

I'm mostly done now. I've abandoned the wig for now, I'll just be dyeing my hair a brighter yellow and styling it when I get into the costume. I may or may not do the prosthetics; if time runs out or I can't get some help making the life cast, I'll drop them. (but possibly make them for Halloween bwa ha ha ha :domo:) Almost all the sewing is done, and the accessories (pin, bracelets, watch, belt) mostly just need finishing work at this point.

Basically? I'm very optimistic that those of you going to Anime Expo will be seeing Johnny K. Gembino there. :domo: