I had a dream about you, and it was awful, really
The dream, its self, was nice, but it left me awake and guilty
It's a circle I go through; I will move, and then dream, and then pause
At the end of the day, the older whisper that I am too young to worry
But my soul says otherwise, it begs me to say or do something
So much about everything has changed, and I want to tell you
Because I would stay up late and tell you everything, before
I tricked myself, you see
I thought that perhaps you were the only in the world to really understand
The inner workings of my mind, and why it is I am who I am
But that's not right; you put me on a pedestal
You worshiped at my feet and laid offerings, there
you lit incense laid flowers, there, pretending that I was above humanity
Which, I am not
I am flawed, I make mistakes, I need two feet firmly planted on the ground
Because my mind often walks the lines between reality and somewhere else
So, I burned the kingdom to the ground, ransacked the castle, killed the king
I took you from your thrown and brought you to your knees, like a wicked witch
With nothing to lose
I thought that love was something that doesn't die, and part of me still believes this
Our feelings move and change with the deep currents of time
Some force deep within me moved at a significant pace, and because of it
My heart, and my body moved, too, and all of my being changed
I'm glad that I met you, I'm glad that we made love and that we lived and loved, together
I gave up everything
And you
You lost everything
Because of me
When time brings healing tides to the wounds that afflict your heart
When the universe's eternal spin winds us into a place where we are together, again
When you understand that not all pain is bad
I will be here
And even if you hate me forever, I will be patient; I will stand with open arms
I don't expect forgiveness, but I will never stop hoping that one day, we will be friends, again
You were the best, I was the best, and together, we were amazing
However, I must continue to move, and I must keep striving to be a better me, every day
I did not know what it meant to be strong until I was broken
And I have not been broken in many, many years; not even when I decided to end our lover's dance
When the energies we radiate into the cosmos pull us together
I will wait with patience and clarity
And if that day never comes
I wish you all the happiness in the world