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Blockade schedule for the week of May 9-13
This week's blockade timetable is actually a quiet one, possibly to lull us just about all in for you to a false feeling of safety before the Brigand Kings attack about the weekend. Truly, it is not Friday your 13th in which pirates ought to fear, but Saturday the 14th when most hell breaks loose!

Standard reminders: Routine is given throughout Pirate Time, or perhaps U.S. Pacific. Player flags hyperlink to Yoweb details pages. With Regard To more info concerning jobbing contacts, jobber pay, and also Event Blockade battle board configuration, verify your Blockade tab of one's ocean's Discover Board. In Order To obtain hired, use under the actual Voyages pirate kings hack 2016 tab. As Well As keep checking again as escalating numbers of Event Blockades are usually positive being scheduled all through your week!


5:30 PM - Cormorant Island, Cobalt Ocean

Event: one round, sinking!

Hosted by: Super Awesomeness