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smilies/icon_heart.gif Some Will Pass While the World Still Moves Today smilies/icon_heart.gif

As we know, today was foretold in the Bible.
Some say it was misread, others say it was not.
As today remained calm in places, others were not.
Some places people died in fear, and stopped.
They left the world, but we haven't.
People around took notice, others remain clueless.
The sadness in homes to those, some fear outdoors.
Some people were happy, and maybe more.
Everyone walked their routines, while others had plans.
Did today really matter, or maybe it should?
Some people believed it, and so they had suffered.
Was it a sin, or was it fear in life itself?
Do we still believe it, or will others now turn their heads?
Sometimes it does not matter, whether you laughed at it or not.
People still ran from life, in some crazy dream.
It never mattered, those three numbers.
But to those who it did, perhaps they should matter.
Why would you notice, when so carefree?
Your life was in no danger, nor were your friends.
But to some, their friends are now gone.
Why did this happen, for the sake of one day?
If death were death, then to die would have died.
But it does not matter, for the sun is setting.
Maybe the day will die, but not the memories.

You sit alone, yet you still have friends.
Maybe you're not alone, but you lost a friend.
Today was no joke, for the people who cried.
Many have died, just for one stupid day!