Spy Pen 101: What Owners Need To Know

SpyCrushers agent breaks down their Spy Camera Pen product attributes and uses.

In a most recent product show, Ryan Anderson, owner of SpyCrushers talked precisely how purchasers can remove their hidden 007 with the SpyCrushers extremely sophisticated spy pen. A secret agent-esque product, the pen appears like, handles and acts like any ball-point pen-- however with an added surprise. It seems to secretly tape events in good quality and replay them for later.

Invisible: According to Anderson the product is a true ballpoint pen-- using the ability of manufacturing ink. This makes it super easy to hand off the device during events, removing any sneaking suspicion among friends and family. Spy pen owners may even let others utilize it especially since the pen is designed To not be noticed. Just those who know where to look will have the capacity to identify that this pen features using its own invisible camera.

High definition: Company resource tout that the spy pen camera is of the greatest quality, because of the advancement in technology today. Throughout the exhibition the gadget passed a conducted blur test, making certain sufficient photos will still be caught even when purpose objects or even the device itself moves at a particular speed.

<a href="http://www.amazon.com/Hidden-Video-8GB-Spy-Camera/dp/B00J3CL3Q6/ie=UTF8?m=&keywords=spy+pen+camera"><img src="http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/71mzCd1odcL._SX355_.jpg"></a>

Sdcard: The spy pen hidden camera comes with a refillable micro sd card, allowing for people to record hours of video and capture and move an unlimited volume of images.

Connectivity: To get the videos, customers simply plug the pen into their computer while using supplied Mini USB Cable and begin copying or transferring gathered media. The unit is PC and Mac compatible for simple plug and play capabilities. The cable connects to the spy pen while using USB port covertly located inside the pen. This keeps it completely disguised from others, ensuring that the pen still looks official!

Format: With various computers handy, the device's AVI video extendable proved readable for all sorts of computer system software.

Anderson also showed how owners who desire to convert video content into other formats can perform so when the data is transferred to their computer.

The conclusion of the event ended having a declaration by Anderson the SpyCrushers device is the best spy pen camera in today's marketplace. Selling at exactly what the company believes is a competitive price at $24.99-$49.99 was said is the reason sales have been thriving among interested shoppers. Each purchase can also be covered by a thirty day warranty if customers are not One hundred percent completely satisfied.

The SpyCrushers Spy Pen Camera is at present available for purchase through Amazon and SypCrushers websites and could be delivered directly to an owner's house.