Candy Crush Level 149. . . . A raspberry dessert recipe and chocolate mint dessert recipe.

In this level, your objective is always to bring down 2 cherries and score at least 20,000 points in 50 moves or less.   Once the candies are about the spaces, they has to be cleared twice due towards the DOUBLE jellies.   The most obvious one is that you simply have to clear all of the jellies, and also since the candies come from your top, design of the bottom will always be relatively the same (thus in the wedding you use the majority of your turns to clear the top of the the board, you aren't more likely to win).   Once the candies are on the spaces, they must be cleared twice due for the DOUBLE jellies. 8 ounces of vanilla wafers.

Removing the chocolates ought to be the first priority. Make matches at the bottom 50 % of the board to destroy the blockers and make more space. Given the amount of candy orders and the pesky chocolates, every single move should be used wisely.

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When there are no more moves left around the sides, begin their work at the bottom. You may wish to prioritize matches that touch one of the most licorice at one time.   In these cases, the sole thing that can be done is combinations at the very best and aspire to the layout of the bottom. Focus using one side of the board first.

3 eggs, slightly beaten. In fact, it is advisable to go away the underside row of Meringue intact. Note that fudge won't spread if you will get rid of at least one square per turn.   It's worth a couple moves to obtain these two combos together.

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