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Monique's Diary
Do you dare take a look inside my dairy? Inside are all my secrets and lots of random stuff about me and upcoming events and days in my life. So come inside and took a look, the choice is yours.
Chapter I [Please Read if you are a Jak and Daxter fan]
Light and Darkness
Chapter I
One day all of our worlds will be enslaved by the darkness, we don’t know how or when this will happen but only time will tell. One woman will have the power inside of her too unleash the light and free our worlds along with killing the darkness. But if all fails then our villages will be consumed by the darkness and all will be lost.‘Keira…come with me inside the portal, too a paradise beyond your wildest dreams.’ There it was again the voice that has been speaking to her yet again, for the third time this week. Keira had been having this same dream; she couldn’t help but too think about it. Inside her father’s temple there was a portal to other sages. But hasn’t been opened for thousands of years. Another world unlike theirs but a world of new life and beauty that nobody has seen before. She slowly got out of bed and went to freshen up for the day ahead of her. “That voice, was it just a dream or was it really talking to me…why does it want me too go inside the portal?”
She knew it had to be impossible because the portal has been closed for over thousands of years besides it was forbidden to even go near it and her father made it clear since it was in the book of laws. People that didn’t obey the laws would get a horrible punishment even her. Was it worth the risk, too go and do something that was forbidden? It was just a silly dream; it would probably fade away sooner or later.
As she was refreshing herself for the day ahead of her she splashed some water on her face to cool herself down, “I need a vacation just like everyone else…” She sighed. Keira slowly began to take off her clothes too shower herself, that would probably make her feel much better.
She just thought about the guy from her dreams, he had wild blonde hair that stood like fire from his head…very handsome with dark blue eyes. But she could tell something was wrong with him because there was a black gem on his forehead. Was he the one speaking too her in her dreams? It was a good possibility because she kept seeing his face…
After she was done getting ready too looked upon herself in the mirror, her soft radiant skin, beautiful peach lips and her beautiful smile. She was wearing an aqua halter-top with a matching skirt, which suited her beautifully with matching heels. She thought of the day she was going to be with the guy of her dreams, how would he be like? How would his touch feel like on her skin? How romantic will he be? Would he be a warrior or prince charming?
She slightly blushed thinking about it, she snapped out of her thoughts too the sudden knock on the door. “Keira your father wishes too speak with you immediately!” Keira sighed and rubbed her temple wondering what on earth was it now, “I’ll be there in a second tell him that I will be right there.” She said. “As you wish Lady Keira.” Torn came too escort her too see her father.

Keira pulled up dress up slightly so the bottom wouldn’t get dirty and drag on the floor. She quickly made her way inside the temple with Torn besides her. Samos had his back turned away from them which made Keira wonder what was wrong, “Torn you may leave us now.” Samos said softly. “Yes Sir.”
“Father is you alright, what on earth is going on?” She walked over too her father slowly as she did he turned around making her stop. “I sense…I sense darkness… wickedness.” He went over too a book self and took out a big brownish book. “Evil is lurking this land, is that what your trying to say father?”
Keira heart beats faster. “It’s not in our lands yet, but I sense that evil is trying to find a way into this world.” Keira thought about it for a second, “But father they can’t get inside our world the only way is the portal and that hasn’t been opened for thousands of years.” Keira said. “True but remember it can always be reopened, remember what I told you about the sages when you was younger?”
There are a total of four worlds; red, green, blue and yellow. Inside each portal is a world unlike nobody has seen before, but if consumed by the darkness all will be lost. If one sage is captured and it’s world is turned too chaos, then that evil would leave a bloody trail too the other sages. Only light can consumed this darkness and but it too a stop, if it doesn’t then all four sages will be destroyed along with the worlds and evil and chaos will rule the lands forever.
End of flashback
“So does this mean that darkness had taken over one the sages world?” Samos nodded. “I don’t want to believe something bad like this happened but it looks like it did, just promise me you won’t inside or near the portal.”
“Father...I—“ She was about too tell him about the dream but decided it wasn’t the best time, “I won’t go near or inside the portal you have my word.” She walked over too her father and gave him a tight hug. “Good you may leave now, Keira please be safe.”

She walked out the temple and towards Sentinel beach. She sat on the sand thinking, Keira knew she made a promise too her father that she will not go inside or even near the portal but that dream she was having, why was this guy asking her to go inside a portal that has been closed for over a thousands of years? If an evil force has taken over one of the sages world…then what will happen now? ‘If I keep on seeking for the answer then I will find it, but if I don’t then I’ll never find out and maybe the dreams will keep haunting me.’ She thought. She laid down on the beach with her arms behind her head; she smiled and gazed at the beautiful ocean. So many other questions floating around her head other then her dream… What was her purpose here on this earth?
She asked her father this question when she was about a teenager, the answers he had given her was the answer will come only if you seek it, but if you don’t seek for the answers then it will never come and you will never find out. So was this like searching for the answers in the dream, because if she really did wanted the answers…then she will go inside the portal. But if she didn’t care then she will do what her father had said too not go near or inside the portal.
‘Keira…Keira…Keira…’the thoughts was invading in her mind again getting louder and louder. She closed her eyes as the throbbing in her head continue, “Please get out of my head, what do you want from me!” She heard an evil laugh inside her head, ‘If you are willing too seek for the answers then you will find them, only if you dare to come inside the portal only then will you find the answers.’” That voice sounded like the guy from my dreams!” She gasped.
She stood up from where she was standing at; when she turned around she saw a gash of wind heading her way. It was shaped like some evil face. She quickly ran screaming so that maybe someone could hear her. The gash of wind was coming faster and faster, “Noooo!” The wind picked her up and not a trance of her could be found.

Her unconscious body landed on a huge rock. She was slowly getting up; when she was trying to get up she noticed that her ankle was twisted. “Ouch oh no how am I’m going to move?” She whimpered. She started to scream so someone could hear her but it was useless. She tried to get up again but she limped and the pain felt horrible. ‘Why this had to happened to me, where did that wind some from?’ she thought. She was stuck on top of a large rock, she couldn’t jump down it was just too high.
She felt a presence behind her, she was scared to turn around but it was something there. She slowly turned around as did her eyes got so big. There was a dark figure behind her he was the guy from her dreams, the blonde hair that stood on his head like fire, his hard and tone muscles, that black gem that was on his head. He was wearing a black and red amour with a symbol; he was staring right at her with a wide grin. She saw a wide portal that was behind him, wait it was the portal from the temple…but how…it hasn’t been opened for thousands of years and how did it get down here? ‘Keira it’s me from your dreams, here to take you away…just come with me.”
“Who you are, going inside is forbidden, I shouldn’t be even near the portal.” She said softly and looked down but when she looked back up he disappeared. Before she got a chance to turn around he was right behind her and his strong arms around her waist. She gasped, “Come with me Keira, please don’t make me take you by force.”
“I’m not going, I’ll never come with the likes of you inside that portal.” She backed away almost slipping off the rock. “Ah Oooh no!” She couldn’t hold on much longer to her balance and slipped off the rock. “Oh my God Oh no!” She closed her eyes to await her death but Jak caught her and took her up in his arms and carried her. She falls into unconscious.” You are mine now, the darkness awaits us both.” He smirked as he took them both inside the portal and it disappeared.

Rained poured down where the Blue Sage’s lab and Rock Village was known too be at, as rain poured down on the two he looked down at this beauty. He never felt this way about any creature before in his life, she reminded him so much of his mother but he didn’t like thinking about her. She died a horrible death in the hands of his father who turned out to be evil. Now it was his destiny too take over all the sage’s labs and hell will rule their villages, they would be consumed in darkness.
He made his way up too the blue sage’s temple, it was a complete mess with books and things everywhere. He put her down on the soft bed that was prepared for her. Jak put her down on the bed gently ‘Sleep well Keira.’ He watched her chest raise and fall as she whimpered in her sleep. He walked out the temple and stood outside as the rain poured down on him.
A portal appeared and an orange Ottsel fall out, “I hate always landing flat on my face.” Daxter said as he got up slowly. “You weakling I should kill you right now, your no use for me why the hell are you here? Jak turned his back towards him.
“I was sent here, lord hell wishes too know how your task is going.” Daxter said softly.
“My task is going well as ordered, I have the women now what is my next mission other then take over the other sages.”
“After that Jak you must kill the women because she is…the light, the prophecy had said that she will be the one who will destroy the darkness and if that does happen…we will be defeated and that must not happen.” Daxter looked at Jak’s reaction.
Jak didn’t want to kill the women he felt some kind of bond with her already, just by looking upon her beauty he felt like he knew her. She reminded him so much of her mother, she looked somewhat like her, so kind, gentle, beautiful….”He growled out loud making Daxter jump back. “Jak are you alright you don’t look so good.” Jak looked towards Blue Sage’s lab where Keira was sleeping at ‘this women is making me weak and I can’t let that happen.’
“Yes tell King Hell that the mission will be completed.” Jak said firmly. Daxter nodded he snapped his fingers and made a portal, “Oh and Daxter?” Jak turned around, “Yes Lord Jak?” He turned towards Jak before going inside the portal. “Stay the hell out of my way, there is no use for you anymore is that understood.”
“Yes my Lord, but can I ask you something…why do you have something against me?” He raised a brow.” Because I can, why do you question me I could kill you right now if I wanted too!” His voice becoming much louder.” Then do it, ahh yes you can’t because if you do you will be punished, so if King Hell sends me back you better get use too it.”
“I rather face cold hell itself then too be with the likes of you.” He made an evil laugh. Daxter hissed as he made his way inside the portal and disappeared. Jak went back inside the temple too check up on this mysterious beauty. When he walked inside she wasn’t there, he looked all over around for her then he sensed something behind him.
“Take this you a*****e.” She yelled as she bashed his head with a pot. He smirked as he saw her reaction because it didn’t have no affect, “I’ll be taking that.” He said walked over to her she backed up away from him taking a few steps back,” I heard it all you wish too take over all the sages worlds and kill me when it’s all over!” She screamed at him, ‘s**t I didn’t want her too find out, ********.’ He thought, “Say something you creep, I won’t let you do such a horrible thing.’
Jak couldn’t stand it much longer he had to do something to shut her up but what? He walked towards her and she was trapped up against the wall and then there it was there faces where close together their noses were touching. He leaned forward and kissed her softy on her sweet lips. He wanted to taste her mouth inside so he forced his tongue inside her mouth gently. ‘He is kissing her but he was some evil dark person, his kiss was so soft and gentle.’ She kissed him back it lasted a minute but then she broke the kiss,” Why did you kiss me?” She said gently looking for the feeling by searching inside of his eyes.
“That was the only way too shut you up, just to get you quiet.” He backed away from her and left out the door. But he lied to her he wanted to kiss her since the first time he laid his eyes on her, but he couldn’t tell her. For the first time in his life he was falling in love with a women but his pride didn’t let him believe it.

A/N twisted : Okay my first chapter is completed; I hope you all enjoyed it but if you didn’t please remember that flames are not acceptable. I’ll be updated shortly I'll have my beta reader go over mistakes in the meantime. Thanks for reading heart heart

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    Wow that was very good. It makes me wanna start playing the game now. I Jakks character really like that in the game or is that just for the story? Either way, very well done. ^^

    comment Crimzen Regret · Community Member · Fri May 12, 2006 @ 05:50pm

    comment Queen Saiyajin · Community Member · Mon May 29, 2006 @ 12:24am
    Love the story! PLEASE UPDATE!! Though I'm jealous a bit, I love your story mrgreen !

    comment KaiAN-Chan · Community Member · Sun Nov 05, 2006 @ 03:33am
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