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I was sat at My computer Yesterday
and realised JUST how much My friends mean to me >>;;
Its Insane! -In a good way-
RL friends would drive me crazy if I spent as much time with them as I do with you guys here,
Plus Its far easier to Open up to Friends over the net than IRL
I love having a laugh and a giggle with you all, I love joking/playing/loving you all
I love the way we stick up for each other when drama hits,
I love the way you are their to pick me up on a bad day
I love the way I can help pick you up on your bad day
I love how we can chat for hours on end
I love everthing that comes with the friendship <3
You all know me better than My RL friends

Thank you all =3

HOWEVER... smilies/icon_wink.gif do you know what I love even more?
Is seeing bitter twisted characters around us who try and !FAIL! at hurting us
Who are more two faced then well erm...Someone with two faces.
I love the people who LIE over IM and tell you everyone Hates you because they are jealous of the genuine friends you have around you, I love the people who push and push you for a reaction, but the only reaction they get is Ignore list <3
I love the people who watch your every move and wait for you to slip up, But don't see the good that comes from them.

Gaia I love you
and your Faults <3

the friends who make me feel like Im walking on clouds -all floaty and light-
the back stabbers who keep it real!
together they make perfection!
Love you all