If you're one of the many people that lurk in the Gaming Discussion forum, then you might know about how psyched I am for Tuesday. If you're not one of those people(then how the hell did you find out about me?), or you aren't aware, then I'll clue you in. Due to my reviews on Stuff We Like I was able to score a ticket to the Nintendo Press Conference a day before the E3.

This is a dream of mine come true... well partially come true. I've always dreamt of going to the E3 someday and this event, while not the actual Expo, is at least a drop in the hat. The Nintendo Press Conference is one of the biggest events to happen during the Expo. Not only that but considering the secrecy nintendo's put on the Wii and its game, this is likely going to be one of the more important events at the E3.

I will say though, the main reason why I'm so excited is because of the Press Kit. They seem to be one of the more giving companies regarding press kits. Last year at the E3 they gave away a Mario Kart DS stylus, a Twilight Princess movie on a DS cartridge, a nintendo DS skin of Shigeru Miyamoto's signature, and some leaflets of their newest games. I can't wait to see what they give out this year.

I plan to do a video cast with my friend for his site, and get plenty of pictures. Infact bet on it, and be ready to see some pictures of the conference(if I can somehow get my cell phone to get the pictures, and tranfer them to my computer). I can't wait to go.

Oh, and here's a picture of my ticket:
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