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Hehehe...great title, huh? This is where I get to express my feelings and almost daily life...and other stuff.
>_< Autobiographies.
Augh. The autobiographies burn! They keep me up until (trust me, you don't want to know when)! But I'm finally done with them. Here's my favorite:

A Week in My Life
On Monday, I get up, bleary-eyed and more tired than ever, not quite ready to live through the busy day before me. I arrive at school, yawn myself dead in the gym, go to my locker, and walk into band class. I go through seven classes: first band, then science, then health or gym (depending on the semester), then art, then geometry, then English, and finally social studies. I get onto the city bus and ride to the IU campus, where I take a French class. Then I wait around for a half hour in the Ballantine Hall vending machine room before attending a voice lesson. I finally arrive at home and have fun on the computer, do my homework, practice at least one of my instruments, and go to bed, sometimes too late.
Tuesday comes. I go to school, like on Monday. I then stay at school to work with the Science Olympiad team. One of my parents picks me up and I go to a choir rehearsal, where I get to see all my friends who actually socialize with me. When I go home, I have to ask for a newspaper to take notes for the weekly Tuesday-Newsday test in social studies class. Plus, I have my normal homework and excessive French homework to do. I usually end up staying up too late and not practicing any instruments.
On Wednesday, there’s nothing new. I go to school and then to French class. I have a little more time to get my homework and practicing done. In the first semester, though, I had an Honor Band rehearsal, so I didn’t have to practice flute that night.
Thursdays are the same as Tuesdays except there’s no Newsday studying and every other week I have a flute lesson. The excessive French homework remains, sadly.
And then there’s Friday, with Friday Free Night. I have school and then French class, but that’s it. Usually my family and I watch a movie or go to a show or opera. I have a fair amount of practicing to do on Friday nights though, because Saturday is Music Day!
On Saturday, I go to a rehearsal for Young Winds, my out-of-school band, but only in the second semester. I have a piano lesson and then a violin lesson. When I get home, I do some of my homework mixed with computer fun, because I don’t have to practice anything. Saturday nights are also nights when my family and I watch a movie or go to a show or opera.
Finally, there’s Sunday, or Dawdle Day. My family and I do what we call “dawdling”: sitting in front of a movie while having breakfast and reading the newspaper. Then I do my homework, practice my instruments, and do fun things. I have to meet the Sunday 10:00 bedtime rule that my parents made, because the weekly process will start again tomorrow on Monday!

And my dad wrote this wonderful autobiography addition explaining about MY MUSIC...whoot!

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