I guess I never really gave much thought about describing myself. I mean, sure, there are plenty of things that come to mind when people ask me what I'm like. Gay, open-minded, passive, subdued, cold. But he didn't ask me what I'm like, he asked me who I AM. You might not see the difference, I didn't, either. But he specified, and when he did, I realized I didn't know myself at all.

"A man," I answered, lamely.

"I didn't ask your species, I asked you who you are, Leon."

"Well, I'm Leon, you know that, already."

Cody gives me a look, somewhere between amused and annoyed. "You know that's not what I mean."

"Well, who do you think I am?'

"A potential mate. But that's not who you are; that's just what I'm looking for in you. Clearly you don't know much more about yourself than I do about you, give me a call when you do."

I thought about what he said. ALL of what he said, not just the stuff that made me feel funny at the end. I wondered how he defined himself. I wondered if he'd had any drinks. But he didn't smell like alcohol, just like cigarettes.

Imagine my surprise when he befriended me here, dressed as a female! I thought he must know a lot about himself to be so bold... I think...I want to be like you, Cody. I want to know myself like my mother claims God knows me.

I want to find the path to self discovery...