You are looking for the fastest way to enrich the content of your articles and increase your page views? Thus, Submit Video feature might be your best choice. It works as a multimedia tool which aids users in exposing the traffic through a few simple steps. Let's see how this tool works and what benefits it can bring to authors.

How to submit a video to EzineMark?

Step 1: Click the Submit Video button on the navigation bar

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Login your account and be ready to submit your video

Step 2: Paste the URL or embed code copied from video hosting sites into the Video Source. Ezinemark only supports users to add new videos from YouTube, Metacafe, 5min, Dailymotion, Vimeo and Blip. If you choose YouTube as your video provider, you can copy both long and short links. Especially, using old embed code or the new one is also allowed. If the URL or embed code you submit has existed or is invalid, please try another one. 

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This is a valid URL

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If your URL is not correct, try another URL or video provider

Step 3: Click Embed button to edit your video content. If you wish to have some changes or submit a different video, just click Edit button and make changes in video source. 


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Click Edit button to make changes in video source box

Step 4: Point at each box and fulfill information about the video. There are always instructions on your right hand for video source, title, description and tags. Follow them to get the right steps.

+ Title

Title in a video is expected to have the same quality as an article title. Read the previous blog to understand how to write a right article title. 

+ Description

All information provided in the description should be accessible and summarize the content of the video well. What you write in the description are reviewed as the content of an article but it shouldn't be as long as the article body. Besides, you need to consider what words are not allowed in the text content of any article or video. 

+ Tags

Tags are keywords or terms which you would like to be searched by search engines. Whenever you press Enter, comma ("," wink or click at any zone out of tag box, tags will automatically jump down into small boxes below. To remove tag, just click that small box. 

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Step 5: After finishing all the above steps, click Post Video and then come back to your profile. If you wish to submit another video or edit the video submitted, two buttons are available on the right hand of your profile page.

Why should you submit your own video to EzineMark?

A video posted on EzineMark is the fastest way to get a back-link to your website. It will be absolutely perfect if you have a good article and a high quality video supporting each other. The video can be attached in the article or it can go independently as one submission. By building interactive hyperlinks between your article and video, the readers can never loose your tracks.

As usual, your video will be available on EzineMark in a few minutes after the submission. However, it will be reviewed later and might be taken down if it doesn't meet our requirements. Contact us if you get any problem while submitting video on our site. Team