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Serendipity Next Door(FanFic)
*Clears throat* Before I start writing this I need to put a disclaimer in here and also a warning. Well
1st the title comes from a recent Otome game I had the pleasure of buying and playing. I did not come up with it,I have no rights to that name.
2nd the male lead and any male characters I put in the story are not my original characters because the Otome game named them already. Why mess with perfection? So I have no rights to the male characters.
3rd any female support characters are not original. I did not think up their names at all.
4th the only name I did think up is the female lead since this is the character I played in the Otome game.

Now for the warning everything I am going to write here might be considered sexually explicit,smutty,erotic and mature. So if you have any problem with that then please don't read this. Plain and simple.The entire nature of the Otome game was for me to fall in love with this man and end up in precariously overly sexual situations.

Main Characters

Jinpachi Yushima
Height: 5'11"
Profession: Photographer

Chidori Koiyama
Profession: Works for a mail order company

Supporting Characters

Profession: Manager at the same mail order company as Chidori

It had been nearly a year and a half since Chidori and Jinpachi had started dating. Oddly enough it felt like it had been much longer. Sure their relationship had it's ups and downs but what relationship doesn't? The whole thing had started off kind of rocky to begin with. Bumping into this weird old guy outside of the apartment building one morning and incurring his disapproving glances more than once. No one would be writing any fairy tails based on a meeting like that anytime soon. Still somehow the two had managed to fall in love. One odd occurrence after another had brought them together. It must have all just been written in the stars.

Chidori rolled over enjoying the warm feeling that enveloped every inch of her being. She began to smile in her sleep ever so gently hoping that this feeling would never have to end. Then she heard the loud ringing from her alarm clock assaulting her ears. She reached over trying to whack the rude clock to stop the harsh noise but only felt hot flesh beneath her hand. She opened her eyes to see Jinpachi lying in bed next to her and her hand planted firmly against his cheek. Jinpachi who had been watching her sleep lowered his eyes at her as she had just slapped him mistaking him for her alarm clock.
"I'm so sorry Jinpachi...I...I was trying to...please forgive me"

She tried to withdraw her hand from his face as she apologized profusely but he reached out and grabbed it firmly. This quick motion startled Chidori a bit. A smile spread across his lips and a blush rose to her face as she had always been weak to the power of his smile.

"Since you are so sorry how are you going to make it up to me? Hmm Chidori? I mean your hit really hurt. I think you should prove how sorry you really are."

Jinpachi began kissing her hand working his lips over her soft skin. He cast his eyes upward,looking for her reaction. Chidori always had the most cute reactions and he loved every second of it."Jin.." Chidori began to blush and moaned out his name. This made his heart race and he wanted to pounce on her right now then her alarm clock began blaring out loudly again and Chidori slipped her hand out from his grasp effectively ruining his fantasy of having her sprawled out on the bed begging him for more."Jin I am gonna be late for work. I have already been late twice this month because of...that."Chidori cast her eyes down as a deep red blush spread from cheek to cheek and fond memories of Jinpachi's body moving in unison with her own flooded her thoughts."Yeah so I really should be more responsible I am not a kid anymore so I should take my position seriously." Chidori nodded to herself and headed toward the bathroom to take a bath so she could leave for work and possibly get there on time.

Jinpachi rolled over onto his back staring at the ceiling as the bright morning sun poured into the room from the balcony. He smiled and shook his head amazed at how she was still trying to be a grown up even after he had told her he loved her the way she was. Strangely enough he loved the cute way she tried to be older than she was. It always gave him more reason to tease her and see that cute embarrassed look she got.

"Chidori should I make you some breakfast?" Jin Called to her from the bed and waited for her reply.Knowing that she loved to eat his food he was certain that she would ask for a huge breakfast but the reply he got was shocking.

"No Jin I really haven't got time for breakfast today. I have this big project at work and the sooner I get there the sooner I can get working on it."

She emerged from the bathroom and dressed really swiftly it was like a bolt of lightning moving around the apartment. And just like that Chidori was out the door. Jin sat for a moment thinking to himself, maybe she is growing up a little. He smirked and shook his head sitting up in the bed.

"She left before I could give her a morning kiss. Probably for the best if I had actually gotten the kiss I would have pushed her down and made her really late for work. Might've even made myself late for the photo shoot I have today too."

Jin stood from the bed sliding on his pajama pants he grabbed a cigarette from the pack on the nightstand and went out onto the balcony to smoke.

Chidori pedaled furiously on her bike trying to at least get to her job 3 minutes early. Although she had a very understanding boss in Shoko she desperately wanted to prove to herself that she could handle being an adult. Balancing her job and time with Jin was important to proving that. Though she could not help but wonder if she had disappointed Jin this morning when she had to leave. Honestly her body ached for him. Everything about him sent her heart into a flurry. The touch of his hands caressing every inch of her. The comforting smell of the tobacco he smoked in his cigarettes and how it surprisingly mixed well with his brand of shampoo. The taste of his lips upon hers. Just being near him was always an adventure for her senses. She could honestly say that she loved everything about this man. She felt her face flush red just thinking about him as she pulled up to her building and secured her bike with the lock. She tapped on her cheeks with the palms of her hands trying to get herself ready for work but it was of no use she was still flushed.Abandoning all hopes of getting Jin off her mind she entered the building hoping no one would notice how red she was. She prayed that if anyone noticed at least they would have the decency to not say anything but she would have no such luck.

"Ah!! Good Morning Chidori. You managed to make it here on time with 5 minutes to spare. It's amazing"Shoko stood near Chidori's desk holding her morning coffee. She began to look Chidori over from head to toe noticing something different about her this particular morning.Instead of pondering it she decided to come right out and say it."Um Chidori is there something different about you this morning? Your hair seems the's not a new outfit and yet you seem to be radiating. I can't put my finger on it but you seem different." Shoko drew closer to Chidori's face looking into her eyes.She grinned after finally realizing what it was."Chidori you are flustered. Your whole body is turning red."She chuckled and brought her hand to her mouth so as to hold back the full extent of her laughter."Chidori had sexy,dirty thoughts just before getting here this morning."Shoko took a sip of her coffee and stood back watching Chidori panic as that is indeed what had happened. All sorts of thoughts raced through her mind. Should she admit it,deny it.?Chidori didn't know what to do so her defense mechanism kicked in.

"Shoko when is the new due date for the project I am working on. I seem to have forgotten it again." Chidori began to fiddle with papers aimlessly on her desk as if looking for something important. She had not forgotten anything about the project she just needed to change the subject so as not to reveal the reason for her flushed body.

Playing along with Chidori's ruse Shoko pointed to the calendar at the large red circled date. "It's there Chidori. I guess I will leave you to it for now. But one day we are gonna have a girl talk about your love life." Shoko winked at her and proceeded onward to her own desk. She giggled to herself thinking of how much fun it was to tease Chidori. She is so easily frazzled I wonder if her boyfriend has this much fun teasing her too. She really is an easy target so he probably does.

Jinpachi bathed made a quick breakfast and dressed for the day ahead of him.His agency had contacted him and asked him to head right over the shoot instead of coming into the office.Honestly he would much rather be shooting pictures of landscapes than taking pictures of idols they were so fickle some times.But no matter what the job if his fees were paid then he would do the absolute best work he could for the client. After dressing he checked his watch and saw he had enough time to make lunch also.I know Chidori's stomach is probably roaring by now. I'll make her a lunch and drop it off at her office. Jin thought to himself and set about the kitchen making her a lunch filled with all her favorites.Once his task was completed he grabbed his jacket, camera bag and the lunch box and headed out.

Chidori lay on her desk face down in a stack of papers clinging onto life by a thread. Her stomach growled and turned about angrily as she had neglected to eat anything for the day. And it was just her luck that she left her wallet at home too."I can't believe I did that!"She sighed wishing she had not been in such a rush to get to work on time. Her stomach got louder and she had to excuse herself from her desk as everyone began to stare at her. She found herself in the restroom splashing water on her face trying to get life back to her face; but it was of no use as her stomach would not let her forget the assault. " Food...must left it all at home." She moaned sadly until her phone began to chirp. She weakly picked it up to see a text message from Jin.

Chidori, I know you must be on the brink of death by now. You didn't have time to even eat any breakfast. So I am bringing you a lunch before I head to work. Sometimes you can be such a kid, you know that?!


At the mere mention of food cooked by Jin, Chidori sprang back to life. If only long enough to get onto the elevator and meet him at the ground floor."I am saved...oh no but now he's gonna want me to do something weird in return for this kindness...maybe he won't. Right now I don't care I am too hungry to think about it all." Chidori pushed the down button and waited for the elevator to come to her floor when it finally did she was surprised to see Jin standing on it. Her face lit up as he dangled the box of lovingly prepared food in front of her face.She jumped into his arms exclaiming,"Jin!!" Jin caught her but just as he had done so she fainted in his arms.

"Chidori...CHIDORI!! You idiot You went too long without eating and ended up fainting." Jin called a cab and took her back to the apartment. He informed her company of what had happened and had to reschedule his own photo shoot for a later day but none of that mattered all that mattered to him was Chidori's well being. He lay her down in the bed and began making tea and soup thinking she might be too weak for anything heavy in her stomach. Once the meal was prepared he held Chidori in his arms and began to feed her, blowing gently on the soup to make sure it would not burn her.

"Thank you Jin...but...I think I am well enough to feed myself. So this is not really necessary.Plus this position is kind of awkward." She looked down her face bright red as she was sitting between his legs lying against his well built chest.

"Look you were the one acting like a kid,refusing to eat breakfast so I have decided to treat you as such for a little while. Now open up. Ahhh."Jin opened his mouth wide showing Chidori what he meant. She was hesitant at first a pout hanging on her lips but seeing that he was not giving in on this matter she finally opened her mouth."See now that wasn't so hard. And I fail to see what is so awkward about this position." Chidori swallowed her soup thinking, there is something different about this soup today...Jin has made this for me before but there is something about it I just can't quite put my finger on it.

"Umm Jin did you add anything special to the soup today? It tastes great as always but somehow today it seems special." Chidori looked over her shoulder at Jin a smile on her face and a light blush across her cheeks. It was at a time like this where Jin would love to just tear into her like the wolf of a man he was but being that she was sick he had to restrain himself. It was so hard to resist when she looked so innocent and her guard was completely lowered but he had to.

"No Chidori there is nothing special about today's soup...except that I am feeding it to you."Jin laughed and looked away from Chidori so he could no longer see the cute face she was making.That was a close one. If she keeps making faces like that then I am sure I will lose all my self control.

"Oh..Okay I see. I never did say thank you for coming to get me. And for bringing the lunch...and for taking care of me. I just wanted so badly to prove I could be more grown you must think I am more child-like than ever." Chidori hang her head sadly seeing as how her plan had failed and somehow backfired in the worst way possible. It had even caused Jin problems since he had to cancel his photo shoot to take care of her. A single tear dropped from her eye then followed by a few more, until she was crying steady streams.

"Chidori, please don't do that. Crying about it would be the most kid thing to do right now. How many times do I have to say it? I like the you that is you. Being you is the best thing you can be. I love everything about you that makes you who you are. Chidori I love the face you make when you are eating, I love the way you smile in your sleep,I love it when you try to be grown up because you don't realize how adult you really are. Especially when we..." Jin rose from the bed unable to contain his desires much longer. He sat facing Chidori on the bed and wiped her tears away with his thumbs. He brought his lips to her cheeks where the tears had once flowed freely. Assured that no more tears would be falling from her eyes he traced his lips over to her mouth and planted a kiss on her. Gently at first to make sure she would accept him. Once she did he deepened the kissing gradually until her face was red and heated. On some level he felt like he was taking advantage of her, this both excited and made him feel bad. He worried for her safety yes, because she was not back to perfect health but at the same time his need for Chidori had taken over and there was no going back until that void had been filled with her.