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Godcomplex scumfuckerheads
First I'd like to state I was originally going to begin this entry with my negative response from a Chinese eBay seller I mentioned a while ago, but now that my journal tab had been closed out by mistake a minute ago and I lost 1/5th of this entry I estimate...I'd like to to say that really got me a bit angry.
But no matter, I can do it again. Uh..oh yeah, I the eBay seller told me I had to buy the entire product. emotion_smilies/icon_donotwant.png

Let us begin. "Godcomplex ********"? Why such a harsh title? There's too many of 'em and most are pretty delusional. Why most? Because I'm sure a few can't all be blinded completely.
The others? They're in a fantasy where they play God and we play some less significant scheiß. They're suddenly better than everyone.

This can apply to real life, and this deteriorating site. "Why the site?! It's all pixels!" Problem with that is that users are REAL people from REAL life...just in masquerade.
A user here could be treated like cowshit in real life and this is their escape, to exert some desired dominance or they're really full of themselves or some other reason. I know some just wanna ******** around on this site, but that can't be recognized in this. Those acting in jest about it, it's all fabricated.

We're small. We're pretty goddamn small. Complex, but small. All of us! To digest such a thought does not require instilling a philosophical thought-process in your head, but rather just think about it a little. Let's use beautiful outer space as the key.

There's s**t that's bigger, more powerful, more insane than the Sun out there in the perpetual growing universe. Yes! The universe is growing every day. Once you make the analogy, you'll realise we're pretty much little to nothing BUUUT...
I'm not encouraging us to revolve around such a thought and become depressed for life.
The point is, we're not better than each other in such a strong sense. Maybe someone is insanely smarter than the other, extraordinary IQ and all but you know, a smart person can still be a full-on dickwad.
We are NOT equal, but no one is god-material compared to someone else. The idea that we're all equal is fundamentally flawed. I can understand how it can be used when referring to subjects such as ethnicity and sexual orientation, though.

We all have a different set of strengths and all of ours odds are different. However nobody's a "god".

One can tell me my Thelemic beliefs can contradict what I think. Being the "god" of yourself in the simplest terms means taking responsibility of your own actions. The confusion came from Crowley having a fun way with words, even represented by when he spoke of masturbation.
In Christianity for example, there's a set of rules that are supposedly established by the God in it. Thelema says we take responsibility and dictate our own actions and choices. That includes topics such as drinking, premarital sex, and other subjects that are usually given recognition in rules of religions such as the three leading religions.

All in all, we're not equal, but nobody is deity-like compared to another. Don't revive Narcissus.