It is 9:30 a.m. on a Monday, and the Washington, D.C., offices of Redfin, a ten-year-old real estate listings Web site, are just coming to life. They've only been in the space for about a year, and the workplace feels much more like the tech commence-up Redfin desires to be than the old-line brokerage it is cribbing from: Pc workstations line the walls and totally free-floating tables stand ready for spontaneous meetings.

A single of Redfin's newest recruits emerges from her office. Nela Richardson's scarlet red dress matches the office's colour scheme, but otherwise, she's the odd a single out. Unlike Redfin's a lot are a bigger headache than taxes, since most of them are not making a lot cash anyway. Lieber is charged with creating certain that information is disseminated in influential circles, with the thought that it could be utilized as ammunition for policy campaigns -- producing the website even more beneficial to the micro-entrepreneurs who use it. Independent contractors are a quick-growing category in the new service economy, and there's no lobbying group that represents them.

"We want to be your advocate and your partner as you go out and navigate the globe," Zappacosta says. "We represent a segment that is not being heard."

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The cause why: It really is simple to ignore a person who's not getting counted. The toolbox of metrics that government agencies use to inspect the economy doesn't consist of significantly in the way of the expense of solutions. For instance, requirements that are not solid goods but which are nonetheless essential -- like carpentry and auto repair -- never aspect into the customer price index. Lieber figures they probably have a large and diverse adequate sample size of active members to produce such an indicator, which then would carry Thumbtack's name and brand into the stars.

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That's the dream of the new tech business chief economist: Become indispensable, by utilizing your employer's information to create one thing the marketplace did not know it necessary. The labor market analytics firm Burning Glass Technologies, for example, got como eliminar celulitis de las piernas on Washington's radar screen by supplying some of its insights on job vacancies to the Brookings Institution. CoreLogic has done it with the Urban Institute.

Redfin, for its component, is trying to do it with headline-friendly analysis on things like residence-flipping and which billionaires could acquire which cities, for which Richardson gives authoritative-sounding quotes. She's even functioning on developing Redfin's personal genuine-time housing index, with the hope of getting capable to predict consumer behavior in the future, rather than figure out what the market was carrying out two months ago -- a shortcoming of standard indices, like Case-Shiller and Pending Residence Sales.

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Of course, every dataset has its own perspective. Any company only has data from its customers -- Redfin's only counts urbanites, for example -- which introduces some possibility of bias. "Redfin has a history of being a truth teller," Richardson says. "A lot of that is interpretation."

Lydia DePillis is a reporter focusing on labor, enterprise, and housing. She previously worked at The New Republic and the Washington City Paper. She's from Seattle.