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Just a small collection of things that I doodle... I hope to update this daily with at least 5 new drawings a week.
The Honorable Unmentionables of the Internet

NO. I DID NOT FORGET TO MAKE AN ENTRY. I just lacked inspiration almost all day. What also didn't help was coming home late to post this (I'm not even home now. I'm using my poor phone). GAH. People and their slow eating habits! Blegh. Let's just get this over with.

So... I don't know how to describe that. I guess I was trying to go for a creepy lady in a prison cell but ran out of ink in my CHEAP-O ballpoint pen. ♥ So you are just going to have to deal with this. emotion_smilies/icon_dealwithit.gif

I had almost no time to make it too... So sad.

But really this entry will be more about myself than the picture. I mean... I don't know maybe both. We'll see where this goes. My goal is to finish this before midnight PST....

So today, I did some interesting stuff at the university I was visiting (Columbia of New York) and I noticed a lot of things that were going on in a couple cities I was to observe. One is that people are not what you would expect them to be at ALL. I mean you would think that most people would hold onto money they "found" right? Or maybe even just leave it behind because they are too busy to concern themselves with the owner? NOPE. Not in Brooklyn. Seriously. Some of the nicest people I've seen. I thought maybe SOME people at least would pick it up and hold onto it-- that was not the case at all. Brooklyn, you're awesome.

Another thing... My friend recently told me what a weirdo I am. And they're right. I said that I was one of the "honorable unmentionables of the internet" to which they agreed. Duh. Who wouldn't when something like that is absolutely true? So that brings me to this post... I tried to think of what I would look like as an unmentionable but I didn't really feel too creative today... I also didn't feel like looking for my pencil. So each stroke counted with this crappy pen. I'm kinda disappointed by it... BUT we live to move on!

*** Get ready for the insertion, baby***

Okay, so I wrote my entry... and I felt like just because my drawing is crappy doesn't mean I have to half-a** my journal writing, too. SO. HERE IS SOME MORE STUFF ABOUT MY DAY.

Professors and "elite" students. They all scare me. I'm glad that they don't really like to hear anyone but themselves. Makes zoning out a LOT easier. I mean, I focus a lot while I am working-- like on the social experiment we did in Brooklyn-- but I don't really talk to socialize. That probably explains why my voice is always really surprising to me every time I talk. It either sounds really high-pitched, slurry, low, or like I'm a preteen boy just hitting puberty.

NO. Someone just saw my Tumblr posts. GAH. WHY? I'm over it now. I wonder what he'll think when he hits that mysticism re-blog I did... I think he's reading it now... not sure... AH the suspense.

But anyway... Yeah. I was pretty quiet the whole day until I was demanded a report of my findings. Really. Boring. Ugh.

What else...

One of the professors wanted to reward us by treating us to dinner at The River Cafe-- an uber expensive restaurant. I was soo pissed off when I found that out. AMY OMFG U R SOO UNGRATEFUL.



I was supposed to hang out with someone that I've been DYING to meet since... I dunno. Since ever? I was promised TODAY would be my free day. I was so excited and cooperative today because I was looking forward to tonight. AND THEN, Prof. Asswipe decides to take us to dinner... him and his creepy smiles. *shudder* So of course I have to cancel like an hour before I was planning on meeting up with him. I didn't even get to eat with the people I was obligated to go eat dinner with because of some drunk lady... Should I say the story? ... ******** it. Yes. If you are eating... skip the green portion. emotion_smilies/icon_puke.gif

Geez... Nothing scares me more than internet stalking... I don't know what kind of embarrassing information about me exists.. (sorry for the tangent)

So, I am standing in line when some lady rushes out the door and starts cackling right next to me. I was zoning out, waiting for my friend to reply to a message, so I wasn't really paying attention to her. She looks at me and pushes me hard against a wall. OUCH. I'm kinda glad it was the wall, though, because I am horrible in heels. I didn't say anything I just looked at her in this weird "What the ********?" look. She starts laughing so hard she almost falls over. "You are SO ugly! Why did you leave the house? Jesus. Guys are never going to go after you if you look like THAT!"
.... Umh. Okay. You promise? ♥ Because I find it annoying when guys are super persistent and obnoxious. So I smiled and looked away. She got mad and was about to go for a second swing when her date comes by and starts to apologize profusely for her behavior. I kept saying it was okay. Just as he sighs with relief, the girl VOMITS all over the poor guy's back. emotion_smilies/icon_dowant.png
I was like... emotion_smilies/icon_yatta.gif Justice? I felt bad for the guy.. but he was rather cute, so I think he is probably going to dump her. Take that betch! ♥

So I basically ended up eating dinner alone in a tiny little coffee shop, shivering because it was cold and I thought I would be inside where it was warm. But nooooo~ Not for "Unlucky Amy."

So I ended up just sitting my phone up across from me and pretending he was right there talking to me.

Pathetic much? Indubitably.

*** Insertion over***

I am surprised by how many people are actually reading my entries.. or at least checking them out. Thanks ♥ ilysm

Thanks for reading my thoughts!
Hopefully there is more to come~

I only went out for a walk and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out, I found, was really going in.
John Muir

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