Senses Flail
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i can't explain what is going on in my life now, or why i cant be here anymore. the path has been rough but i'm doing alright now. i'm here to tell you that you mean something to me. you always will. but i am not meant to be a part of your life. i can just feel it. i am no good for you. you do not need me. i am fire and i will burn you. the sooner you forget me the sooner your life will improve.
and be kind to yourself. don't take the pills or drink or open your veins or anything else. one day you'll be thankful you didn't, or if you're like me you'll be thankful it wasn't too late after you already did.
5 times later i can finally say that i believe life is a beautiful, precious thing and you shouldn't want to end it. i am here for a reason and so are you. it really does get better.